Ideas for Cocoa Bean Mulch

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Cocoa bean mulch can be used in a number of different great ways depending on your preferences. Get ideas for cocoa bean mulch with help from an experienced nursing professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, there, Oscar Carmona, owner of Healing Grounds, certified biodynamic nursery located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. Here today to talk to you about ideas for cocoa bean mulch. Cocoa mulch is something that I, is a product that I recommend to home growers or gardeners. Mulch is compost that is in the state of decomposition so you can still tell what it is, if it's, in this case, cocoa mulch, cocoa hulls, from the cocoa bean. And used in a real effective way in a garden as a topping or a mulch. and the key is to make sure you have at least 2 to 4 inches of mulch around. It might seem like a lot, but it'll break down over time and it'll become a much less in, in quantity as it decomposes and becomes the compost. Which is basically the, the living part of soil. And you could see the elegant and, and wonderful visual effect that using a mulch like coca, the cocoa bean husk in a garden can be and we see, you know our eyes are certainly an important sensory component to our gardening experience. We use our eyes in many ways and the appreciation of natural beauty enhanced by the use of this wonderful cocoa as mulch is certainly a good option for the home gardener and especially if you have beds that are close to the house and they're highly visible. The other added component to that is it smells wonderfully like chocolate and I think your friends will be amazed and delighted to experience a garden that has a smell a, smell-a-vision or smell sensory heightening opportunity as well as the beautiful visuals. The plants will like, will thank you as well because they're going to be happier with the condition that's moderated and so moisture is keep even and less extremes, drying out and too wet, the roots are going to come up to the surface. You're going to have a lot of micro biological beneficial micro biology and, and beneficial macro biology in this environment and it all makes for a healthy nutritious food that you're producing there. I sure hope you found this information useful, I'm certainly inspired by the work that I do and glad to share it with you. I'm Oscar Carmona, owner of Healing Grounds, certified biodynamic nursery located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. Remember to feed the soil and let the plants feed you.


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