How Do I Keep Plants Alive in Winter?

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Just because winter is coming doesn't mean that all of your plants have to die. Keep your plants alive during the winter with help from an experienced nursing professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello there, Oscar Carmona, owner of Healing Grounds Certified Biodynamic Nursery, located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, here today to talk to you about how to keep plants alive in the winter. Plants fundamentally need four or five key things to grow and to do well. Those are sunlight – access to sunlight, and typically the lowest requiring plants are around three, four hours, right in there, to about seven hours. That could be provided through a window in your home, it can be provided from a balcony, wherever you have access, second story window maybe where the lower areas are in shade. So, you can bring the plant to a place in your home where you can provide sun when it’s happening. Temperature associated with sun is also very important, and a lot of plants require somewhere between low 50s to mid-70s. A great majority of plants like that temperature range, and fortunately enough, most people do too, so your home environment inside is going to be conducive to growing a lot of plants. So, those are two key things. Watering regularly in a container is also very important. Having good living soil environment, and you can do that in a potting soil as well by adding a lot of good compost to it as well as you could in a garden setting. In this case, for wintertime, we’re, you know, recommending that you consider having plants growing in your home unless you have a greenhouse like mine, which is where we’re filming. I’ve got several nice big greenhouses that I use for my business. But, you can consider your home a greenhouse of sorts. Remember that temperature range requirement. And so, with good soils in a limited setting, you can grow a bunch of herbs like this, you can grow strawberries, you can grow beautiful flowers that are edible. You can grow any number of greens, you can grow tomatoes, you can grow just a wide variety of vegetables in a garden setting at home during the wintertime. So, just because the weather may be not so conducive to growing outside, please realize that as long as the sun’s shining and you get this other proper conditions in order, you can have success growing plants, vegetables of any of a large variety during the wintertime. I’m Oscar Carmona. I sure hope you found this information useful. Remember: Feed the soil, and let the plants feed you.


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