Great Tricep Exercises to Do at Home

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Great tricep exercises don't have to be done at the gym. Find out about great tricep exercises that you can do at home with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Madison Chase. And today we're going to talk about doing tricep exercises, my favorite body part, at home. So whatever equipment you have, you could either do a medicine ball, this is three pounds, or you could do a dumbbell. I would say grab a five or or a ten. For today's exercise we're actually going to do a ten. So you're going to take that dumbbell over your head, hold safely and securely and all I want you to do is try and relax that rib cage and engage those abs and you're going to extend that dumbbell all the way up to the sky and the ceiling, and take it back down almost to the top of your back. And you're going to take that back up again and then back down. Remember to exhale on the movement. So if you're a beginner, what you could do is give me let's say ten to twelve reps, if you're intermediate do fifteen to twenty, if you're more advanced then twenty to twenty five, one to three sets, depending on your fitness level. So that's exercise number one. We're going to put that on the ground and we're going to grab our medicine ball. And we're going to do kick backs. So you're going to take that ball and all I want you to do is extend that arm behind you and then drop it down, extend it and drop it down. Now the most important thing, I want you to stick your chest out for me and really flex that tricep for me, OK. So that's with our arm bent. So let's take are arm straight, same thing working the tricep. And you want to make a perfect diagonal from your tailbone to the top of your head, and we're doing straight, straight arm kick backs for the tricep. Taking it down almost to your hip and almost up on a perfect diagonal again. So if you're a beginner, give me eight to ten, if you're an intermediate, do ten to fifteen, if you're advanced do fifteen to twenty, one to three sets, depending on your fitness level. Last exercise, we're going to do dips, my favorite exercise. So I want you to get those shoulder blades back, stick that chest out and you're going to keep your bottom close to your surface. So if you're on a chair or a bench just make sure that it's sturdy, OK. You're going to use your arms to lower your body down. And I want you to almost think about going almost on a diagonal again to push yourself up. So, here's our down, my body is close to the surface and you're extending your body up. So again, if you're a beginner and you're just starting out, working out at home and you're doing you're triceps, do eight to ten for beginners, ten to fifteen if you're intermediate and fifteen to twenty if you're advanced. So one to three sets depending on your fitness level. I'm Madison Chase and this is your tricep exercise at home.


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