Internal Core Abdominal Exercises

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Internal core abdominal exercises can be done both at the gym and at home depending on your preferences. Learn about internal core abdominal exercises with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey. This is Madison Chase, and today we're going to talk about internal abdominal exercises, otherwise known as core exercises. So, actually I'm not going to be doing them today. I have the incomparable, incredible Sandy Cochran, trainer to too many stars to name, that's going to be helping me out today. So the first exercise that we're going to do is actually just a basic exercise. So, you're going to put your hands behind your head, and the only thing I want you to do, first simple exercise is actually getting your belly button to the back of the mat. So I almost want you to think about getting your belly button to your spine. That's your fist exercise, it's really using your abdominals for what they're for, actually contraction and release. So he's contracting and release, just like that. So if you're a beginner, you want to do again, eight to ten and for intermediate, ten to fifteen, advanced, fifteen to twenty. You could do one to two sets depending on your fitness level. So the next exercise is actually just a basic crunch. And if you're doing this correctly starting with the very first thing that we did, which is contracting the abs and then getting those shoulder blades off the ground, just like that, you can see Sandy's abs are working. So let's exhale on the up and he's using those abs. You can see them really working. Good. So we're going to do eight to ten, ten to fifteen and then fifteen to twenty. Great. Now here's one of Sandy's exercises. So Sandy I want you to do three. So this is a more advanced exercise than what we just did. So we're actually doing the same principle, but we're actually reaching. So you want to pretend that there's a ball right here and you're trying to get your abs and flatten that tummy out every time. Good, Sandy. So we'll call this an ab, an internal ab reach. And you could also sustain it. So you could hold it maybe eight to ten seconds, right Sandy. So hold it and make sure you're exhaling and using those abs. So our last exercise is a cockroach, but I like to call it the ladybug, because they're cuter and they're lucky. So we're going to get into this position. You want your arms vertical in a vertical line. You want your shins parallel to the ground and you're going to extend opposite arm and leg. So Sandy whichever leg and arm you prefer, give me opposite arm and leg. So, let's go right leg, left arm. So you want to go slow almost like an adagio, like a ballet. And that's good, Sandy. Perfect. Good job. And we're going to switch sides. So you do eight to ten again, ten to fifteen if you're intermediate, fifteen to twenty if you're advanced. So these are internal abdominal exercises, otherwise known as core exercises, with Sandy Cochran and I'm Madison Chase.


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