How to Use Preen for Strawberries

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When using preen for strawberries, you're always going to want to keep a few key things in mind. Use preen for strawberries with help from an expert who has been involved in sustainable food production for the past 30 years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey there. Oscar Carmona, owner of Healing Grounds Certified Biodynamic Nursery located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, here today to you about how to preen strawberry plants. Now generally speaking it's a good idea to remove dying and dead leaves or parts of plants. It just promotes the living parts and allows the plant to focus on that. And so with strawberries it's really no different and the greater extent you can do that it just allows the plants to focus on making a strawberry or making more leaves. And that's a good thing because then it can photosynthesize with those leaves and fortify itself. preening is as simple as just identifying plants that, or parts of the plant that are dying or decaying and removing them. And I use the tips of my fingers, basically your thumb and forefinger are good tools. And you just pinch, pinch back down to the connective part where the branch meets the main stem. I leave just a little bit there and you can see a new leaf emerging and will take its place shortly. And then this I can compost with that because it's not diseased per se. I think it's just, it could be a nutrient thing and it also could be related to the transplanting of this plant which was just transplanted about two weeks ago. And I'll do the same thing here with another plant that I see has a leaf that is drying out. And then as I said what it does is it redirects that energy that was going into that plant leaf and redirecting to this emerging leaf here. And it allows the plant to focus its energy on the good parts and the stronger parts of its development. I'm Oscar Carmona. I sure hope you found that information useful. It's what inspires me to do what I do, and I sure hope you can get something good out of that. Have a wonderful day. Remember to feed the soil and let the garden and plants feed you.


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