How to Farm & Pick Your Own Strawberries

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Farming and picking your own strawberries is something that anyone can do right in their very own homes with simple preparation tips. Farm and pick your own strawberries with help from an expert who has been involved in sustainable food production for the past 30 years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there. Oscar Carmona, owner of Healing Grounds Certified Biodynamic Nursery, located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, here today to talk to you about how to farm and pick your own strawberries. Looking at a nice section of farm set up in strawberries, you'll notice that all the strawberries are planted in black plastic mulch, it's a form of mulch. And it serves a couple of purposes. Primarily it heats up the root zone and keeps it warm, and so the plants have continual growth. It impedes weed growth, so it helps keep the weeds down, and it also provides a clean surface for the fruit that will emerge from the flowers as you can see here and around, the white flowers with the yellow centers, that's where the fruit will emerge. And these clusters will start to develop strawberries and when they turn red, they're easy to pick usually with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to cut off the stem off from the main plant and then you'll harvest it in some sort of a basket to keep it free from dirt, so that you can get it out to market or to your dinner table. And these are prolific strawberries so they're going to produce for quite a while and we'll probably see them fruiting or maturing in about two months. So for us it's December now, so in February we'll see wonderful strawberries from these rows and rows of strawberry plants. Now you can use this technique in a smaller, on a smaller scale, or you can use it on a larger scale. So it's basically creating beds, long rows that have sections of plastic. It's a special plastic for growing plants in and then healing it in on the sides so that it keeps in place. I sure hope you found that information useful. It's information about growing food and doing it in a way that supports the life in the soil so that the things that grow out of it will be supporting you in the best way possible. Have a wonderful day.


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