How to Arrange Photographs & 3-D Art

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Photographs and three-dimensional art needs to be arranged in a very specific way for the maximum effect. Arrange photographs and 3-D art with help from an art director in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michael Mondragon with Nerdy Connections. Today, we are going to learn how to arrange photographs and 3D art. Now there's a, you'd think that that would be very simple. But actually there's quite a science and a balance to it. And we are going to learn how to do that today. Okay we are going to take these elements. Here we have a poker chip, a couple of poker chips. A picture of Las Vegas. A picture of a sign. And this cowboy picture. I also have just a random rock here. And we are going to take it and we are actually going to arrange these objects on a background here. Now we, I've already prearranged these to just be elements here with the backgrounds knocked out. So what we are going to do is we are actually going to take just click on it and drag it over to this document. We can actually do that with all these elements. And as you see they're just arranged there. Now if I were just to keep them there it would just be all of these on top of each other. And that's not what we want. We actually want to make it so all these actually have equal placement and they are not on top of each other. But how do we place them that they don't compete with each other? So lets go to the layers here. I've dragged all those elements in. And if I have this Vegas sign on top it's going to obscure my other layers here. So I'm actually going to pull this one on the bottom. I can go here to transform and I can actually scale this if I hold shift will actually take it down. And I'll commit that layer. But if you notice basically every item here is, is way too big for this page. So I'm going to click on and this is the one dollar. So actually I can arrange this. So I'm actually going to select both layers by pushing shift. This way both layers are selected. And I'm going to scale these down as well. Now I've made these objects smart objects in Photoshop so they are actually going to be able to go up and down but still maintain their quality. So lets take this cowboy picture. We are going to move that, it looks about right. We are going to select the five dollar here just like the one dollar here. And we are going to bring this rock and we are actually going to bring the rock to the top. So we are going to make, we need to make that rock a bit smaller. So I'm going to scale that down as well. So we need a main focus here. And we are going to make our Vegas sign the main focus. So we are going to pull this into the middle. So we are going to put that right there. I have my small Vegas picture right there. And we could take our rock and we can put it right there. Now the first thing you notice is everything is it doesn't have it's own space. And what I mean by space is there's an open space right here on the left. This goes over the sign and we probably don't want that. But we want to have it so things are over, overlapping other items but they actually have their own importance. So we are going to take this one dollar and we are going to pull it over here. As you notice on this Vegas sign there's a little space on the upper right corner where there's not really anything going on. The Vegas sign is what we want. So I'm going to pull over, I'm going to select the Vegas picture right here. And what we can do is we can actually take this and we can take, go to transform again and we can rotate that. And we can give that a little bit of angle right there. We can do down to the cowboy and we can actually angle him as well. We are going to rotate. And we are going to take the rock and we can actually take that down just a little bit so it doesn't sit on top of the sign too much. And we can take this five dollar. We probably need to scale it down a little bit as well. There we go. And if you notice we still have this space over here. And what we can do is we can actually take this rock and we can duplicate it and we give it a little different feel. We can actually rotate it. So arranging these gives it it's own importance and they're not overlapping each other in a bad place. If I were to take this Las Vegas scene out and have it right there that would probably be a mistake. So I'm going to command Z. So that's how you arrange photographs and 3D art. I'm Michael Mondragon from Nerdy Connections and you can look me up at We'll see you next time.


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