Ideal Pets for Kids With Allergies

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If your kids have allergies, there are a few key types of pets that you're going to want to know more about. Find out about ideal pets for kids with allergies with help from an expert from the Arizona Natural Health Center in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Laurinda Kwan from The Arizona Natural Health Center. If you are looking for an ideal pet for your kids and have discovered your child may have pet allergies, there are options aside from the furry friends. Snakes and lizards are a good option if your child likes reptiles. They are still somewhat interactive and it's easy enough for a child to care for, thus still having the benefits of teaching the responsibility of being a pet owner. Birds such as parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds and other small parrots will make great long lived pets also. But, fish may be a good starter pet for kids with allergies. They do not have fur, feather or skin that sheds. They are usually a hit with young children and there are some low maintenance fish available at local pet stores. For example, a popular easy to care for fish is a Betta fish. They are very hardy and do not require elaborate aquariums. Hypoallergenic dogs are not truly hypoallergenic. Dogs and cats labeled hypoallergenic are merely less likely to trigger allergic reactions in people who are allergic to pets. The latest craze is the Labradoodle. These are bred poodles and Labrador Retrievers. They have the reputation of having the personality of the perfect family friendly pet, the Labrador Retriever but doesn't have the furry coat of a Labrador. If you are set on a dog or cat, do some research and ideally have your child be exposed to the animal before making the commitment. Length of hair and how much it sheds really isn't a deciding factor since pet dander comes from the flaking skin of the animal. That being said, do not let the scare of a pet allergy deter you from having a cat or a dog. Explore treatments for pet allergies. There are effective natural and conventional treatments available and if you have an infant, research shows that children who live with dogs and cats are less likely to develop allergies in those allergies later in life. I'm Dr. Laurinda Kwan from The Arizona Natural Health Center, talking to you today about ideal pets for kids with allergies.


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