Pillow & Mattress Protectors for Allergy Relief

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Pillow and mattress protectors are a great way to protect yourself from the effects of allergies. Learn about using pillow and mattress protectors for allergy relief with help from an expert from the Arizona Natural Health Center in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr.Laurinda Kwan from the Arizona Natural Health Center. Dust mites are too small to see without a microscope, but they commonly thrive in war, humid environments. The most common place we find them, are in the fibers of our mattresses and bed linens. They survive and multiply by feeding off our dead skin cells and release fecal matter onto our bedding. The allergy is the proteins present in the dust mites and decaying dust mite bodies. There are a few basic steps to reduce the number of dust mites in your home, and therefore minimize the dust mite allergy symptoms. The key, is to limit their food source by providing a barrier to the mattress, which is dust mite breeding ground. If dust mite allergies are severe, it's worth the investment to cover your mattress, box spring, pillow and blanket. Here are some tips to finding the right cover. Choose a cover that is completely encasing the mattress, box spring or pillow, otherwise you are not getting complete protection. Make sure the cover closes with a zipper. The material should be independently tested and proven to block allergens. There are two general types, the first one, has a membrane laminated to the back of a specific fabric. And the second one, is without a membrane, is made from a tightly woven material. So, microscopic particles cannot pass through the fabric. Now, remember, be aware of covers that say, hypoallergenic and resist dust mites. Because they may not offer the protection you're looking for. Wash covers in hot water frequently and hang to dry. Use a gentle, Earth-friendly, scent-free detergent, since those people with allergies are often sensitive to detergents and fragrances. Don't forget to wash your bed linens weekly in hot water and do not store items under the bed. And don't forget, talk to your doctor about your allergies. There are both natural and conventional options for treatment. I'm Dr.Laurinda Kwan from the Arizona Natural Health Center, talking to you today, about pillow and mattress protectors for allergy relief.


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