Bridal Hairstyles for Brown Hair With a Veil & Tiara

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Certain bridal hairstyles for brown hair naturally lend themselves to being worn with a veil and a tiara. Find out about bridal hairstyles for brown hair with a veil and tiara with help from a professional hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Claire Coleman; I'm a Hairstylist, and I'm going to show you how to do bridal hairstyles for brown hair using a veil or tiara. So, first thing we're going to section off this top section off the hair. Just get it out of your way and I'm just going to clip it off. Then, you're going to gather the rest of this hair and pull it into a ponytail. After we do that, we're going to split the hair into two sections and just make sure it's nice and tight. Now, one of the sections, you're just going to start twisting and rolling it into a bun. And as you roll, you want to make sure to keep the other section in the middle part of this bun. And just keep twisting and you're going to secure that with a pin. Then, you're going to take your second section and keep following the same way that you twisted your original section, but you're going to be doing outside of that section. So, you're just going to create a mass around the first piece. Then, we're going to take this section and I'm just going to take a couple pieces and put it forward, so I can tease this little section here. And you're just going to shape your little bump here and secure that with a pin. The rest of this hair, you're going to be mindful of your part and just part the hair the way you naturally do it, and then you're just going to smooth it out using your brush. I'm going to create a little bit of a faux bang here, a faux side swept bang. So, I'm going to push forward with my brush a little bit, hold that down to place it and then pull the rest back very gently. You just want to act, you want to do it very very gently, and smooth everything down and then pin right here to make sure that section is nice and anchored in. And then I'm going to take this last piece, make it nice and smooth and cross it over the other way. Now, I left the ends sticking out here just 'cause it makes a little bit easier to place them in after the faux. So, I'm just going to kind of wrap them up into the bun and just see where they fall naturally. And again, I'm just going to twist around a little bit and kind of stay with the same pattern that we made with our first bun. Once we have our hairstyle done, it's really easy to put in your veil or your tiara. Tiaras look great with a little bit of volume on top; so, you can just place it in here whenever you're ready and veils, you usually want to place in towards the bottom and it will come over on the top. Here's our hairstyle from the back. My name is Claire Coleman, I'm a Hairstylist and I just showed you bridal hairstyles for brown hair with a veil or tiara.


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