How to Put Your Hair in a Ponytail With a Scene Girl Haircut

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Putting your hair into a ponytail with a scene girl haircut is a lot easier than you might at first assume. Put your hair in a ponytail with a scene girl haircut with help from a professional hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Claire Coleman; I'm a Hairstylist, and I'm going to show you how to put your hair into a ponytail with a scene girl haircut. So, a scene girl haircut is basically a long layer on the bottom and then a disconnected layer on the top. Our model doesn't exactly have that haircut, but we can show you still how to do it. So, the, it's usually like this style here with this big section. So, we're just going to brush the hair all the way back. You can brush with the part if you want to keep your part or you can just brush it all the way back. We're going to be brushing with her part here and you're just going to gather all of the hair into one hand and keep brushing. And to make sure that you get that disconnected section as part of your ponytail, you're going to just use your spray, hairspray. Spray it, use your brush and just brush really carefully, bringing all the hair in. You can even use a couple of bobby pins just to secure your hair while it dries in the spray; just using it like that. Or, you can use a setting clip as well. And this will help keep your hair back while you're pulling it into the ponytail and while the hairspray dries. So, you're just going to continue doing that, gathering all the hair and making sure that you use enough spray and then you're going to gather as much as you can into the ponytail holder and then just wrap it around a couple of times 'till it feels tight enough, and then pull nice and tight. And I like to do one final spray of hairspray and just smooth with my hand. And once it dries, very carefully take out your clips; you don't want to mess with your style and just smooth it out. Nice and smooth. Just make sure it's nice and tight. My name is Claire Coleman, I'm a Hairstylist and I just showed you how to put your hair into a ponytail with a scene girl haircut.


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