How to Make an Easy Chicken & Pasta Casserole

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Making chicken and pasta casserole doesn't have to be the most complicated dish you try to prepare all week. Make an easy chicken and pasta casserole with help from the founder and owner of CapMac in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Brian Arnoff from CapMac. Today, we're making an easy chicken casserole. This chicken casserole is gonna kind of like a chicken baked ziti if you will. Today in place of your standard chicken we're gonna be using our house made chicken Parmesan meatballs. These are meatballs that we use everyday on our food truck in Washington, D.C. So for the rest of our ingredients we have a little bit of tomato sauce, some heavy cream, some Ricotta cheese, some Parmesan, some Panko bread crumbs for the top, we have some seasonings over here, a little bit of par-cooked pasta, an egg, and some basil. So the first thing we're gonna do is just mix up the base of our casserole. So we want to crack one egg, I always like to crack it into a separate container, make sure we don't get any shell, we just gonna beat that up real quick and put that down in our bowl. Next we're gonna add the rest of our ingredients so we're gonna add about half of this Parmesan cheese reserving some of it for the top crust, we're gonna add our Ricotta cheese, that's about an 8 ounce container of Ricotta cheese, here we have about 1/2 a cup of heavy cream, this is gonna thin it down a little bit, and our tomato sauce. I always like to reserve a little bit, you know you can always add some more in when you, once you've added your pasta but you can't take it away so start with a little less and you can always add more. We're gonna mix this up, next we're gonna add our meatballs into here. What I like to do is just break the meatballs up slightly, as I said earlier you could use shredded chicken from a Rotisserie chicken you bought at the store, you know just cook up a chicken breast and dice it and put it in here, anything will work. Here we go we got our meatballs in the mixture. The next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna set this aside and we're going to chiffonade up a little basil. The basil's really gonna brighten up this dish and give it a little bit of a fresh herb flavor. So what you want to do here is take your basil and layer them all together. We're gonna roll them up, we're gonna gently and very quickly, and this is gonna make it really easy for you to chiffonade so you're just gonna take your knife, tucking your, your fingers and your thumb in so you don't hurt yourself and we're gonna chiffonade giving these nice long slivers of fresh basil. There's your basil right into the dish, a little bit of salt, pepper, and I love a little chili flake in this dish, it's optional but it adds a little punch. We can mix that altogether, there's your base. We're gonna add in our par-cooked pasta and we're gonna fold this together. At this point you really don't want to get too aggressive, you don't want to break up the meatballs too much, you just want to get everything coated with the sauce. So like I said earlier if it's looking a little dry so add a little more tomato sauce and you'll be all set. This is one of those dishes that doesn't have to be perfect there's you know really very little measuring you cant sort of mix and match the ingredients that you want. It is important to add your egg that's gonna really bind this all together. We have a pan here that you could use, a Pyrex dish, any 9 by 8 dish you got laying around the house, we're just gonna pop this all mixture right down into the pan, use our spoon, spread it out, pack it down a little bit just to get that, the right texture there. Lastly, we're gonna take our Parmesan cheese, sprinkle that over the top along with our Panko bread crumbs. This is gonna bake for about 25 minutes in a 350 degree oven and then it should be golden brown and delicious on the top. So it's been about 25 minutes, the chicken casserole's been baking in the oven, we're gonna pull it out. Whew it's hot. As you can see breadcrumbs have browned up beautifully on top, they're starting to get bubbly and delicious. This was easy chicken casserole, my name's Brian Arnoff from CapMac, thank you so much for watching.


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