Mascarpone Cheese & Roasted Tomato Pasta

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Mascarpone cheese and roasted tomato pasta is a delicious cross between a mac and cheese and a classic pasta dish. Make mascarpone cheese and roasted tomato pasta with help from the founder and owner of CapMac in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Brain Arnoff, chef and owner of CapMac. Today, we are going to create a little roasted tomato and mascarpone pasta toss. It's kind of like a cross between a mac and cheese and a classic pasta dish. Here we've got all of our ingredients laid out. We've got a little bit of Dijon, some red onion, flour, a little bit of heavy cream. Our mascarpone cheese. Some olive oil, tomato paste, par cooked cavatappi pasta. A little parsley and our tomatoes of course. So we are going to start by roasting our tomatoes. These are vine ripe tomatoes. What we are going to do here is we are going to cut them in quarters and we are actually going to remove the seeds and the stem. And that's just going to leave us with a tomato fillet as you will. And so we are going to quickly do that for the remainder of the tomatoes. We'll wind up with about eight fillets here. We are going to sprinkle these with a little salt, pepper, and a little bit of olive oil. Pop them into a about 400 degree oven. You want it pretty high because you really want to roast the outside without breaking down the tomato too much. So we have just a sheet pan here with a little bit of parchment paper and some spray. We are going to throw our tomatoes right on there. We are going to go a little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil here. Some salt and freshly cracked black pepper. These are going to roast probably for about 10 minutes like I said 400 degrees. So here we have a pan we are going to throw right on medium high heat. We are going to go with a little bit of olive oil right down on the bottom of the pan. We have some red onion for the base of our sauce. We are going to allow this red onion to saute. It's diced up into a pretty small dice here. We are going to chop up some parsley to garnish our dish. To chop this parsley I like to just roll up the tops of the parsley and very carefully slice it across. You get almost a chiffonade of parsley. It's a little bit a different cut then most people do just for a chopped parsley. But I find it looks a little nicer in this dish. And discard the stems and there you have our chiffonade parsley. So we are going to add a little salt and pepper to our onions to get them going. The salt starts to break down the onions a little bit and allows them to cook a little quicker. You can see our onions here have softened very nicely. They are starting to become translucent. We are going to start next by adding a little bit of tomato paste. And a little bit of Dijon mustard to this. These both are going to season the dish and also help thicken the sauce later on. So we are going to want to stir this with a wooden spoon. And it's always important whenever you use tomato paste to cook your tomato paste for a little bit in the pan. And it really takes that raw can tomato flavor and elevates it to this roasted beautiful tomato flavor. As you can see the tomato paste is starting to blend with the olive oil and bring a beautiful hue to this dish. Next we are going to sprinkle in just a little bit of flour. This is going to basically form a roux in the bottom of our pan. Now traditionally you would use butter for this dish for macaroni and cheese dish in a classic macaroni and cheese. But here we're just doing it right with the olive oil which is very common place in Italy to make the thickening agent for the sauce. So we don't want to let that cook too much cause we don't want to lose the thickening power of the flour. So we are going to set that back on our burner. We are going to stream in about one cup of heavy cream. And now we want to take our whisk and whisk this pretty vigorously. We want to avoid any lumps of roux and maintain our nice smooth sauce. At this point it's always good to taste your sauce. See if it needs to be re-seasoned. Maybe a little bit more pepper here. And we are going to allow that to cook for a couple of seconds to thicken and mellow out. So the next thing that we are going to add is our mascarpone cheese. This is a traditional soft Italian cheese. It's very similar to cream cheese. You could even substitute cream cheese if you want. It does have a little bit more sweetness then cream cheese. But it is great in this sauce. It melts out beautifully and just it's really, really delicious. So we are going to add about three quarters of this package. It's about a eight ounce package. And see our sauce is already thickened up and now we're just going to slowly melt in this mascarpone cheese. So you can see the mascarpone cheese is mostly melted in. We are going to add our par cooked cavatappi pasta. I like this pasta it has a ridge on the outside. It clings to the sauce beautifully. You want to cook it about three quarters of the way and then what I like to do is cook it the rest of the way in this sauce. It's always great if you reserve a little bit of your pasta cooking liquid that you can always add to thin or thicken your sauce as needed. As you can see here we are coating beautifully. So next we are going to pull our tomatoes out and chop them up and add them to this dish. Okay so the tomatoes have been roasting for about 10 minutes. We are going to pull them out of the oven. As you can see they've got a little bit of color on them. They've just started to break down slightly. I like to just sort of dump them off right onto the cutting board. This will make them a little easier to work with. If you don't have kitchen hands like I do, I can't feel anything, let them cool for a couple of minutes before cutting them up. And you just want to break them down, It doesn't have to be you know too fine. Sort of just a large chop. You want people to know that these fresh roasted, vine ripened tomatoes are in the dish. They are going to add a lovely texture to the dish and a great flavor. So there we go. We've got our tomatoes chopped. We are going to pull our pasta down here. We are going to add the tomatoes. We are going to toss it all together. Last but not least we are going to add our chiffonade parsley. You always want to add your herbs right at the end. They are going to, their flavor will be the most pronounced. And their color will also be retained. So you can see the sauce is thick and sumptuous. Our roasted tomatoes are in there as well as our parsley. So we are just going to plate this up. And we have one nice serving of our roasted tomato and mascarpone mac and cheese. Thank you so much for watching. I'm Brian Arnoff from CapMac, D.C.


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