Fried Macaroni & Cheese Using Flour

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Fried macaroni and cheese can be made using flour as a primary ingredient. Make fried macaroni and cheese with flour with help from the founder and owner of CapMac in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brian Arnoff, chef and owner of CapMac. Today, we're going to be making fried macaroni and cheese. We have all of our ingredients laid out over here. This is basically going to be our breading set up. We have flour, we have some eggs and a little cream, some Panko bread crumbs, some seasoning and our mac and cheese. So what we're going to start with here is some left over mac and cheese. You can use any mac and cheese recipe you want. Feel free to check out any of our other videos on mac and cheese and use any of the existing recipes that we've already provided. We're going to de pan this mac and cheese. It's really hardened up nicely. It's still nice and cold from the refrigerator and we're going to cut it. I like to cut it into little squares. You can do slices, you can get a ringwold out here and be fancy and do all kinds of different things. But I think keeping it simple and making them small so they fry up quickly is your best bet. So we're going to go right into some cubes. We've got some nice cubes here. Going to set this other mac and cheese aside. And now we're going to set up our breading station. Classic breading station always consists of flour, which we like to season a little salt and a little pepper. And then there's going to be your wet. I like two eggs plus about two tablespoons of cream. This is going to create a really viscous wet mixture for your frying up hold your crumbs on really well. And last but not least we have our Panko breadcrumbs. We also want to season our Panko slightly. You can use traditional breadcrumb here. I like to texture of Panko breadcrumb. It adds a really, really crunchy exterior to this fried mac and cheese. Lastly over here we have our oil. You can use an electric deep fryer if you have one or just some oil on the pot. This is really important that you always keep your eye on this oil. Make sure it doesn't get too hot. If you have an oil thermometer we're looking for about 365 in temperature or you can use any number of tricks. I like the wooden spoon trick. Basically you take the end of your wooden spoon, dip it into the oil and if you get some light bubbling coming up around the wooden spoon you know you have the right temperature. If the bubbles are coming up too strong you'll want to turn your heat down. If you're not getting any bubbles, you want to turn your heat up. It looks like we're at the right temperature. So now we're going to bread our mac and cheese. Now I always have a hard time with this but what you want to try and do is dry hand wet hand. Your dry hand is going to be only in your flour and in your Panko and your wet hand is only going to be in the eggs. This is going to prevent you from getting what we call club hand. And we're just going to keep going here. We're going to bread up a couple pieces. Maybe just two to get up started. Give these a little shake. You really want to make sure you pack this Panko on there really well because it's going to form that really tasty exterior. Now I'm going to just wipe my hands off. See, not too much of a mess with the wet hand dry hand. So we're going to gently place these in to our frying oil and we're going to allow them to fry for about two to three minutes or until golden brown on the outside and heated through in the center. As you can see the oil is bubbling up gently but not too crazy which is just what you want. You always want to make sure that you leave about two thirds of your pan empty to leave room for oil to foam up. If you don't you can have the oil boil over and become a fire hazard. So it's been about three or four minutes. As you can see here are mac and cheese has fried up beautifully. It's gotten golden brown on the outside and I can just tell giving it a little tap that it's soft and gooey on the inside. We're going to drain it here on a little bit of a clean towel over a sheet pan. You can use paper towel if you prefer. We also today just have a little marinara sauce as a dipping sauce. You want to crack these open and you can just see how gooey and smooth they are on the inside. Today we made fried macaroni and cheese, I'm Brian Arnoff with CapMac. Thank you very much for watching.


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