How to Thicken a Roux & Milk Mixture That Won't Thicken for Macaroni & Cheese

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If your roux and milk mixture for macaroni and cheese won't thicken, you can fix the issue by trying a few very particular things. Thicken a roux and milk mixture that won't thicken for macaroni and cheese with help from the founder and owner of CapMac in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Brian Arnoff, chef and owner of CapMac. Today, we're here troubleshooting and looking at how to thicken a sauce for mac and cheese. So we're gonna go over the basic steps of making a roux. To make a roux all you really need is some flower and butter. Typically for mac and cheese you want to use the same amount of butter and flower typically by weight so here we have a 1/4 cup of butter and a 1/4 cup of flower. We're gonna melt this butter down. Once the butter has fully melted we're going to sprinkle in our flower. It's important to melt your butter pretty gently, if you melt it too fast you do risk burning the butter and that's gonna change the whole flavor of your sauce. When we do add our flower we're gonna use a whisk to really make sure that we don't end up with any lumps inside of our roux. Lastly we have about 3 cups here of scalding milk, this could be the base of a mac and cheese, it could be for any other type of sauce that you are interested in making. Once we add the flower to the butter we're gonna whisk it up and you can see how that's really just coming together beautifully, very gently, you might even want to pull it off the heat a little bit at this point, you do not want to overcook your roux. You can see right now were basically at a blonde roux stage which just means that it's at the lightest color and at its greatest thickening power. So here we have our milk mixture, this could be your mac and cheese sauce that you didn't thicken, it could be a sauce that your making for something else. We always like to season our sauces here, a little salt and fresh cracked black pepper and then you want to slowly whisk in your roux mixture and it's important you really scrape it all out of the pan and you can see it's immediately starting to bubble up and it's gonna start to thicken. You want to bring this to a simmer and simmer for about 2 to 3 minutes and you'll have a beautifully thick sauce always keeping your eye on it, whisking it, make sure you're checking the corners and the bottom and not to allow it to burn and the best way to check to see if your sauce is thick enough is were gonna take our wooden spoon and dip it into the sauce and cook the bat and this is called nappe consistency in French. You're just gonna run your finger across if your line holds steady you know your sauce is thick enough and ready to be used for your mac and cheese. Thank you for viewing today, this was thickening a roux and my name's Brian Arnoff.


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