Macaroni With Bacon & Cream

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Macaroni with bacon and cream can be made in a very particular way with one simple recipe. Make macaroni with bacon and cream with help from the founder and owner of CapMac in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brian Arnoff, chef and owner of CapMac. We're here today to make some bacon mac and cheese. Here are all of my ingredients. We have a little flour and butter for our roux, we have a little cream for some richness, some red onion, Panko breadcrumbs, Dijon cheddar cheese, an egg, and of course, our bacon. So we've already started rendering our bacon over here in the pot. You want to give it about ten to 15 minutes to cook down and release some of its juices and its fat. We're going to use that as the base of our mac and cheese to make the roux. So next we're going to add a little bit of butter. That's going to add to the fat inside of the mac and cheese. We're going to give this a little stir, making sure that our bacon is not burning or sticking too much to the bottom of the pot. We're going to add a little red onion. The onion really adds a depth of flavor to this mac and cheese and a little aromatic quality to it. Next we're going to crack one egg. This is going to be the binder for our mac and cheese. We're just going to give this a little bit of a whisk here so that when we add it later it incorporates beautifully. So our butter has thoroughly melted, our bacon is starting to just crisp up slightly around the edges. We're going to give this about another minute here just to allow the bacon to cook a little further. Today we're working with cheddar cheese. This is just a classic yellow cheddar. It's aged about one year, it's very soft and is going to melt beautifully in this dish and it's not going to compete too much with the bacon. The bacon that we have for you today is a thick cut hickory smoked bacon. We've chopped it up and it looks like it's all about rendered out. Before we add our flour we're going to add a little Dijon mustard for a little seasoning. It adds a little tang and depth to the dish. As you can see we've got some good what we call fond on the bottom of the pot, that brownness. That's going to add a lot of flavor as we add our flour and eventually our milk we're going to be scraping that off the bottom of the pot. We're going to change to a whisk here really quick. Incorporate our flour. We now have our roux and it looks like it's cooked up beautifully. We are going to add our cream first. And right after the cream we're going to add in our scalding milk. It's about three cups of scalding milk for this recipe. We're going to give this a stir and it's important to whisk this really vigorously to incorporate the roux milk and cream together. Otherwise you will end up with chunks. Once we're stirring it we're scraping the bottom of the pot again incorporating all that flavor that's been produced by the bacon rendering. So next we're going to add our elbow macaroni. It's about a half pound that we part cooked for this recipe. We're going to dump that in and give that a little stir. As you can see it's really coating the noodle beautifully. Before add our cheese I always like to season our mac and cheese. Add a little kosher salt here and a little bit of freshly ground black pepper. It's important that you stir that in. And then before you go any further always make sure to taste your mac and cheese. I always keep a couple of tasting spoons right by whenever I'm cooking. The flavor of the sauce is great. We're going to incorporate the cheddar cheese now in two stages. It's always important to incorporate your cheeses a little bit at a time that way your sauce doesn't break and allows each incorporation to melt down very smoothly. And again avoiding lumps in your mac and cheese. So you can see our cheese is now almost fully incorporated. Since we are baking this, it doesn't have to be 100 percent melted. It's going to continue to melt when we pop it in to the oven. We have our one beaten egg. We're going to add that, and you want to quickly whisk that in so that it does not scramble. Today we just have a pre-prepared pan, a little spray. And we're going to spoon this mac and cheese right in to the pan. Look at how ooey and gooey this mac and cheese is. You can see the crispy bacon, the cheddar cheese, little bit of that red onion. This is going to be delicious. Little bit of Panko breadcrumbs is going to create a crisp topping for us. We're going to pop this in a 350 degree oven for about 25 minutes or until it's golden brown and delicious and we'll see you when it's ready to go. It's been about 25 minutes. Now we're going to grab our mac and cheese out of the oven. As you can see, the crust has browned up beautifully, it's bubbling and it looks really delicious. Today, we made a mac and cheese with bacon and cheddar cheese. Thank you so much for watching. I'm Brian Arnoff from CapMac.


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