How to Stop Drooling When Using Whitening Strips

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The use of whitening strips has a tendency to make people drool if they aren't careful. Find out more in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Dr. Cindy Roark, chief clinical director of Coast Dental. Today, I'm going to talk about one of the most common side effects of whitening strips. Drooling. Here's the bad news. There is no way to stop drooling when using whitening strips. The mouth is used to food being put into it. And it's trained to create saliva to break down that food. So anytime an object is placed in the mouth the saliva reflex kicks in. That's just the way it is. You're not supposed to swallow the ingredients. All you can do is keep a towel close by and blot. If the drool either makes you uncomfortable or causes the strips to fall off your teeth you may want to consider a professional whitening kit. Your dentist can recommend one. The strength of the whitener is much higher in professional products and will give you a better result. Professional strength at home kits contain custom trays that are molded to your teeth to protect your gums from the whitener. Another option is to have your teeth professionally whitened at the dental office. This is usually the most effective method. It's also the quickest and typically requires a single treatment that lasts less then an hour. No matter which type of whitening system you choose your dentist should examine your teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy enough for whitening. Patients with active periodontal disease or decay are not candidates for tooth whitening because it can do too much damage. Thank you for watching. I'm Dr. Cindy Roark with Coast Dental.


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