Old-Fashioned Ways to Curl Long Hair

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There are many old-fashioned ways to curl long hair that are making quite the comeback in recent years. Learn about old-fashioned ways to curl long hair with help from an experienced hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. I'm a hairstylist, Amanda Shackleton from NY Bridal Beauty and today I'm going to show you an old fashioned way to curl your hair. I've, you can pick two different barrels of irons, it just depends what kind of curl you want. This is a larger one and a quarter inch, I'm going to take the one inch and go ahead and just start taking sections of the hair, I suggest taking about one inch sections, rolling it from the base of the hair like that and just wrapping it around your iron and then let it set like that for a minute and then start to run the ends through the curling iron. I would say count to about 10 to 20 depending on the, on the hair type of the person and then just let the curl go down like that. You should really give it an extra little bit attention on this first wrap around because we want to start to get kind of an S wave going on, like a Marcelle wave at the top of the hair and if you don't do that you will not be able to obtain that. So I'm going to do one more and I've continued and I've already done her whole head. So what I'm going to show you how to do is once you've done all these curls, they're just going to kind of all fall down like that, they're going to be nice and bouncy. I'm going to take a little bit of a shine spray and with my fingers, close your eyes, just run a little bit of shine spray through the hair and this is the part you really want to pay attention to, you want to work with your fingers. So you just come in and start scrunching and messing the hair up a little bit. I would suggest not using a hair brush if you have naturally curly hair because it'll end up making the hairstyle frizzy. So once you've done that, you just come back again especially through the front, run your fingers all the way through the ends. I like to give a little kind of shake down as I go through the hair, like this and then we go ahead and finish off the front. And there you go, you have your Veronica Lake, 1940s kind of vintage inspired way to curl your hair. I'm, Amanda Shackleton, I'm a hairstylist.


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