How to Find a Lost Invite From a Group on Facebook

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If you've lost an invite from a group on Facebook, don't worry - there are ways to get the information you seek. Find a lost invite form a group on Facebook with help from an Internet and social media expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Heddi and I'm the Big Cheese Founder of travel gift card, coming to you from San Francisco. Today we're going to talk about something. It's a bit of a twisted one, how to find a lost invitation on a group on Facebook. You actually have invitations to events, not so much for groups and you've got to keep those two separate because that's the way that Facebook lays them out. Group is, say for example I'm with Krav Maga like it's raining martial arts, bam, bam, bam, take you out, that is a group or I can be a attending a Krav Maga event, two separate things. I'm going to show you the difference so you can just focus only on the event side but I'll show you really quickly and then I'll recap after you about groups. Let's get going. So we're looking at lost invitations down here, we're looking down on the left hand side. You've got all these different things. We're focusing groups, this is, you don't have invitations down under groups, you want either in the group or you don't there's like there's no, it's more down to the actually specifics of the conversation. The events is where the stuff, the magic happens. So you can go into like lists or you can look into calendar. It's just a different visual a different layout for it. So you are looking at things like okay there's a holiday swarry that's going on, having a holiday party, this is where you can event the events and usually on the top right hand side it will say how many events you've got pending. So you're looking for like a holiday party, oh this is the one that I couldn't find the invitation. Now I've set this up and I've created this but this could also be, oh let me look down here. Now I'm looking through more events. This is the one that I couldn't find the invitation to, I've lost the invitation, I've now found it. I now want to be involved in it. So it always has the options do you want to join, do you want to do a maybe, do you want to decline? That means that you have not responded. It is the same thing as a lost invitation. So you can join, you can post on the page once you've joined, not beforehand, so remember, you don't have an invitation for a group you actually have an invitation for a group to actually just like a notification do you want to joint the group but you can't really go through like missing invitations. You are either confirmed or you declined already. Your events is the primary area that you might have a ton of invitations, can I find it, where is it, you've got the list or you've got the calendar, those two visuals I gave you earlier and then you can scroll through. The ones that you are looking out for are the ones that say you want to join it do you want to do a maybe, no I don't care about that Christmas party. I don't want to enjoy myself this holiday season, I want to sit at home and be really boring with tea. Those are the ones that you are looking through and the groups it will always have a notification saying you haven't confirmed you've joined the group. Yes or no, it is really really simple. My name is Heddi. I'm the Big Cheese Founder of San Francisco based travel gift card, have an absolutely amazing day.


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