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Auto tagging in Facebook is a great opportunity to save yourself a great deal of time. Learn how to auto tag in Facebook with help from an Internet and social media expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Heddi. I'm The Big Cheese Founder travel gift card, San Francisco where the Yankee Doodle Dandy should have come today and today, I need to look at it again auto tagging in Facebook. There's a few way to actually auto tag, through your status update in various different places, beginning, middle, end where ever you want, but also doing it through photos. I'm not sure why I'm doing this at the moment now. Maybe some nervousness thing, maybe it's not, my. I'm going to now show you how to do this so let's get going and I'll show yo various options of tagging and untagging. Come with me. So auto tagging, look at my dog, isn't that just the most beautiful face. Auto tagging, I'm going to do a status update, I'm going to show you one version. You do the at sign, it's not going to work because my dog has a public profile, but Jim Browning is a Facebook friend so I could do at Jim Browning it will start auto predictor to my friends and now I went down. So brilliant last evening, can't wait to do origami classes again sometime soon with tea. So looking at Jim Browning, you can obviously only mention him one time, you can't keep mentioning him again and again. I can remove Jim Browning and I can do origami with Jim Browning classes, which now is not a sentence, but I can do that and I can post it out. I can move that where ever I want to at any time, obviously I can then just delete it, make it public, only for me, you do that before obviously you post it out. So Jim Browning now you can see is my Facebook friend, that's Jim Browning he's going to get a notification, your friend Heddi can't put together a sentence, but she's done this and you're tagged in it. I'm going to tag my dog, I'm going to tag my dog down here, but I'm going to tag it Jim Browning because Jim Browning is a friend of mine. So I've also not only tagged Jim, but I've also, not Jimmy John's, I've also tagged Jim Browning again in the comments, so there are various ways I can tag in the photos or in the commenting. As long as you do at sign up before the name you're golden and you're set to go. So Jim Browning it will now post on his wall, he'll get a notification about this. And that is the easiest way to be able to do it. You can do the same thing, I'm just playing around now because I'm in a deaf mood, you can do it for events, you can't do it for events that have not been created or people in the event group are not confirmed yet. So every time that I'm may playing around now doing a at sign it's not showing anything and it won't work because it's not adding my current Facebook friends because they've not confirmed the event, they've not confirmed the event because I haven't sent the event out yet. So while I'm just playing around and creating a event and these tiles together. Now once this is actually done and this is all confirmed you can see on the bottom right hand corner, Heddi's tagged you on Facebook. This is Jim Browning's account, he's getting the previous notifications for the photo and the status updates, so now Jim Browning you can see he's not coming up because I've not invited him to be in the event, it's only people that were invited to the event or your Facebook friends. Jim Browning I'm going to add him now as a friend, now once he has confirmed I will then be able to do the at, again I can't do it because he's not confirmed yet to be in the group, the event. So when it comes down to auto tagging, you can tag your friend in a status update anywhere within that sentence, obviously I didn't do it as a sentence, it just came out the word Jim Browning in the middle of the word origami and classes. I can also tag him in photos by tagging him in comments associated with photos, he can choose to be in this, he can basically go in the box with the photo and remove himself from the tag. So ever show up on his Facebook feed. The third thing is on the events you saw I can't do the at sign at all at anytime I am creating the event and I also can't do the at sign. Once I have created the event until I invite people like Jim Browning and Jim has accepted. So once I finish he needs to confirm that he's going to be accepted, I can then at sign him in the event. Hopefully that makes sense. My name is Heddi, I'm The Big Cheese Founder of travel gift card Coming to you from a beautiful San Francisco day.


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