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Enabling education on Facebook is something you can do right from your main profile page. Enable education on Facebook with help from an Internet and social media expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Heddi. I'm The Big Cheese founder of, a Travel Gift Card, coming to you from San Francisco with a very very short haircut. Chopped about six inches off the other day. How to enable and edit your college information, your education information on Facebook. It used to be a bit of a nightmare. It was like you had literally manually type it in way, way, way back when. Now everything is all to tagged. There's so many different ways that you can do this. You can get the information that you want, you can post it up there, you can edit it, you can say that I went to this university, no I didn't because I think I'm more intelligent fifteen years later. I went to a different university. Nobody's going to check you on this. I've got friends of mine that say they went to Oxford University and I know they dropped out of school at the age of sixteen and got a job. But if they think it's going to work for them for work, I'm not going to cut them short. I'll show you how to do it now. Let's get going. So enabling education on Facebook, what you do it's all in this top section in the about section. Your work and education, very easy. You can add a job or you can edit your university. I didn't go to San Francisco State University, nobody's ever going to question this at all. I can type in this officially, even though it's my dummy account, I went to New Castle University. I actually didn't go to New Castle University, I went to New Castle, University of Northumbria in New Castle at one time. I can write descriptions down here, I was amazing at PR marketing and team leader at university. Concentration, no I don't concentrate at all so I'm not really. But there are the two there behind that, PR and marketing and retail management. You can have more things in there if you want to. So graduate, I was at school, the year that I was there. I think it was like 1980, something to 1991. I can't remember. I know that I left in 1991 a hundred percent for sure. Because there was a very very cool music scene going on there and I was in the middle of it. So, I can add in the year for that, that I graduated, and I'm out of school, is anybody going to challenge me? No, they're not going to challenge me. Don't want to make it only for me for my friends or public. What do I want to do, do I want to edit all the details. Do I want to change it that maybe I want to make myself five years younger and I graduated in 1996. All of this kind of stuff. You can change these as you go along. And obviously the same thing with work. And now you're done with editing. And it's going to shut there. So when you go over to Heddi Cundle you will see I studied retail management at New Castle University. And you decide, you know what, I didn't. I can change it again. You can play around with this. And you can do the same thing with all your profile settings. It is very easy to edit this including like relationships pages or your marriage, is it complicated. Was it complicated when you were at university, were you single when you were at college. You can play around with all of these as well. So the reason that people like to put the education in, if you went to Oxford, you went to Cambridge, you went to Harvard, of course you want to shout about that because you're so cool. If you were somebody like me that went to a brilliant university, and you did retail marketing and management, and you did amazing things there and brilliant, I'm going to post it up there, I graduated. I came out with really really good grades from there. I mean, finally. That was one fantastic me. The other reason why it's good for education, you can then click and find New Castle University and it's a bit like friends reunited from way back when. You can also find other people that were at the same university so they're actually connecting as well. So it's not just about you, promoting what you actually did or promoting what you wished you'd done. And everybody knows that you're completely lying, but hey if that's what floats your boat, it's fine. Or you use it because you also want to find other friends, now you've tagged it, who also went to the same university so you can reconnect with those people for twenty or, well mine was twenty years ago this year, twenty years ago. That's why Facebook works really well for all those different connections from way back when to current. My name's Heddi. I'm The Big Cheese founder of Travel Gift Card,, coming to you from a beautiful balmy San Francisco.


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