How to List a Wife Without Being a Friend on Facebook

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You don't have to be friends with your wife to list her on Facebook. List a wife without being a friend on Facebook with help from an Internet and social media expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Heddi. I'm The Big Cheese Founder of San Francisco based Travel Gift Card coming to you from the beautiful bay area. So this is a really, not stupid but a weird title, how to list a wife on Facebook when you're not Facebook friends. It's just, it's a very very convoluted, basically what it's saying is you are married to somebody, how do you list it they're not on Facebook or you two are not Facebook friends. That's basically what it it. You know when you get to the, I'm married to Joe Schmo, I'm married to Hong Kong Fuey, whatever around it. You are Facebook friends with that person listing it. If your wife, Edna or your husband Jim is not on Facebook or you are not Facebook friends. I'm going to show you the visual of it now. It is incredibly easy, let's get going. So listing your wife without being friends on Facebook. It sounds a bit like I don't know, selling your wife a camel,so I don't know what the hell it is. But this is how basically it works. You are looking on your own profile, and when you go into the about section, you've got all these little like key words and things you can play around with. But go into the about section, the about section. And then you can click on relationships and on the, add your relationship, this is what it's referring to. Your relationship status, you are married. Now if that person was a Facebook friend, and obviously you can make it public or private, but if your wife or your husband was a Facebook friend you would do the @ Jane Smith or John Smith. But if you're not Facebook friends or she's not on Facebook, you don't add anything in that other box. So now it says you are married, but it doesn't say who you are married to. That now makes sense to you, yes. Of course it does, I can hear you roar. So go back to edit if you want to do the @. So I'm married to a guy, Jim Browning, right. Jim Browning is my hypothetical husband. You're going to confirm with Jim Browning, I can then say that. That is if you do want to display the person that you're married to be. If you don't I just cancelled out of that. It's just going to say married. Now remember if it's the guy or the girl that you fancy, and you've got this massive dream in your head and at night you think about that person all the time and like, George Clooney, he's so dreamy, he's so beautiful. You are, say for example if you were Facebook friends, if he's got an obviously a public profile page, a business page, you can't obviously be friends with that person. You can't tag them. But say for example if you were friends with George Clooney, and you have this massive crush, sorry Stacy, you would do the @ George Clooney. Remember, don't look like a fool because it's going to ask George Clooney to confirm that you are married to him. And if you're not, you'll look like and idiot and he might unfriend you. So remember if you're doing the marriage it's because you are either Facebook friends with that person, but you are not adding them, or you are not Facebook friends with that person that you're married to so you're not going to add them or they are not on Facebook, which means globally you can't have somebody who's not on Facebook. So always remember do the @ sign if you want to add and don't do the @ sign if you don't want to add or leave that section blank. And you can also do other areas as you need that way, your aunt, your cousins, your uncles, your nephews and nieces, all your whole family thing. That was a big thing on Facebook years ago when people were doing it in like 2005ish. I did it a few times and then I got bored of it and it's free for all. Hopefully that makes sense now and we've now made it crystal clear. My name's Heddi, I'm The Big Cheese founder of Travel Gift Card,, coming to you from a beautiful crisp San Francisco.


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