How to Do Teenage Hairstyles

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Teenage hairstyles can be accomplished using things like water and conditioner. Learn about how to do teenage hairstyles with help from the owner of a hair salon in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Nancy V Brown. I'm the owner NV MY HAIR Salon, located at 231 Newbury Street in Boston, Massachusetts. Today, I'm going to show you how to create fun teenage hairstyles. First we're going to start by adding some moisture to the curls so we mix some water and conditioner, this model has curly hair, we're going to do a Mohawk style. We mixed water and conditioner this should help soften up the curls, make sure the hair is nice and wet and we're going to begin by sectioning the front in a diamond shape. We could use a rubber band for the first piece and we'll put them a little ponytail, we're going to take another section in a V shape and again put the hair in a ponytail and we're going to do this going all the way down in V shapes. Pull it through a little bit to tighten it and take the hair out of the way. If you find the middle is still a little dry you can could add a little water, take your little band and create another ponytail all the way down and pull it tight, add a little moisture to the curls and you could press it and try to get the curls a little shape. You could use your pinkies to part the hair, continue making your little ponytails all the way down. I'm going to wet it a little more. So we're in the final ponytail, we're going to finish it up and then what we want to do is try to add a little more moisture the curls so we want to use The TRESemmé Perfect Curl Mousse, it smells fabulous, you want to keep scrunching the hair. You take your small tooth comb and you want to start raking up the sides to get rid of the parts all the way down and you want to do the same thing to the other side, this will help get rid of the parts, making it all one smooth side. Then you want to use a jam on the sides and you could use a relaxer brush or an applicator brush, slightly tap the sides to get the little hairs and smooth out the sides, getting all the little hairs and raking them up, getting the baby hairs, you want to do the same for the other side. The jam helps to weigh the hair down because her hair is going to automatically want to revert back to it's natural curl. You want to go up through each piece and just tighten it slightly. And then you want to start to shape your Mohawk, you do that by squeezing the sides, she has a lot of length, so you want to try to keep the shape of The Mohawk with you hands by manipulating the hair. At this point before you finish you could start using the small bobby pins to help manipulate the hair. When you start to see the shape you like you could start to spray a little holding spray to help manipulate the hair. And this look I'm going to use TRESemmé Number 3 Holding Spray for a slight hold that will still maintain the curl look, nice and soft. You could go back with your brush just to smooth out the sides and press it with your finger just to make sure it's smooth, you could use your mirror to make sure your Mohawk is centered. And this is the completed Mohawk look. If you'd like to have a little fun with your Mohawk you could incorporate some feathers or rhinestones to the look. First you want to start by measuring out the distance, you might just want to put it towards the front, you might want to put it along side of The Mohawk, it's really up to you, I'm going to put it on the middle. You want to get your bobby pins, just stick them in and put them through, the feather face outward. Every style you create you want to make it your own. And this is how to create a fun teenage hairstyle incorporating a Mohawk and feathers. I'm Nancy V Brown, owner if NV MY HAIR Salon in Boston, Massachusetts. Feel free to visit on the web at And don't forget hair enhances beauty.


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