Antiquing Ceramic Paint

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Antiquing ceramic paint is something you can do right at home with just a few basic tools. Learn about antiquing ceramic paint with help from a ceramic artist and instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Beth Fleischer, and today we're going to go over antiquing a vase with ceramic paint. So, you're going to need some ceramic crackle glaze, you're going to need a vase or something that you want to give the antique look to and then you're going to need either some India ink or some shoe polish, or there's other things you can use and we'll go for that, and you're going to need some paper towels. If you use India ink, you're going to also want some rubber gloves. So, the first thing we're gong to do is get our crackle glaze and I'm just going to go ahead and give it a little stir. And then, you're going to want to paint this on. You're going to want to give two coats, you're going to want to go, your first coat in one direction and then your second coat in another direction. And you're going to want to let it dry in between coats. So, this one has already been fired, it's been already painted with the crackle glaze, put in the kiln and come out. You can see very faint cracks in here and the way it's made is so that the glaze fit is different than the clay body, so it shrinks a little bit more causing all these little crackles. So, the way we're going to get this age to look s to rub some sort of color antique inside these little cracks and it'll really bring out that old look. So, this is India ink, you can get it at most craft stores. It's really messy and you're going to want to use rubber gloves. We're going to use shoe polish, it's a little less messy, but it's really going to bring out those crackles. So, you just start by rubbing it all over and you don't have to be neat about it, just spread it on and the shoe polish is going to soak into those little crackles and really bring out those lines. So, once you have the whole thing coated, and you're going to wipe it off and you can kind of already see them coming out. So, take your paper towel and just start to rub it off. And there you have your antique looking age vase.


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