How Do I Run Two Apps at Once in Windows 8?

Running two apps at once in Windows 8 is very easy and can really help increase your productivity. Run two apps at once in Windows 8 with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Johnson, editor of eHow's Tech channel, and let's talk about how to run multiple programs or apps at the same time in Windows 8. Now you probably know the old trick in Windows 7. It's very easy to have multiple windows open and in fact this is my favorite thing in the world, I can take Word, drag it to the right side of the screen with the mouse, take Excel, drag it to the left side of the screen with the mouse and when I let go of them they both take up exactly half the screen. That's great because you can be looking at one thing and working in another or copying data back and forth between the two. That's what you can do in the Desktop but what about in the new modern environment? Let's go over there and take a look. So, I'll tell you I'll open up my maps app. You probably know that you can bring in previously running programs by going to the upper right side and dragging over. There's the Desktop, there's weather, here is Web Browser, here is Bing Travel but all of these are full screen only. Well here's a little trick. Go to the upper left corner, start to drag it in but stop and when you let go of it you get one app taking about two thirds of the screen and he other app taking up one third. Now if I wanted maps to be bigger I could click on the little divider, drag it over and now one is two thirds and the other one is one third and I can drag in another app. There's my Desktop. I have Excel, Word and a modern app running. I can drag in maps again. I could even drag weather all the way over to the right and put it on the right hand side. So as you can see there is a way to get two apps on screen in a modern environment at the same time. It's just it's a little different than the way you used to do it in Windows 7 and older. If you are using Touch, it's the same thing. You just don't do it from the upper left corner. You just drag in from the middle and so on and I can take my finger and move that over, and now I've got the Desktop and Bing Travel there.

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