How Do I Get to the Control Panel in Windows 8?

The Control Panel is a folder containing various applications that lets you adjust the way your computer operates. Get to the Control Panel in Windows 8 with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Johnson, editor of eHow's Tech channel, and let's figure out how to get to the control panel in Windows 8. It's a little different than in older versions of Windows and the main difference that we run into is there's actually a couple of different sorts of control panels or settings in Windows 8. Let's say that I'm in a modern app like this, this is the maps app that comes with Windows 8, if I wanted to get to settings or control panel I could move the mouse to the upper right corner and move it down and I get the charms and the bottom charm is marked settings. So I can click on it with the mouse and here are some settings for this particular app, for example there's options and about and feedback and that sort of thing, if I click on options there are specific options for this app as I say. Now there's something else all the way down here at the bottom called change PC settings, if I click on that it opens up PC settings which is a kind of control panel designed specifically for all the modern parts of Windows 8. So I can personalize my computer, set up users, change notifications and so on, all sorts of stuff I can do there .Let me show you something else though, let's say that I want to get to the old control panel or the control panel that you know and love form Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, that sort of thing, I go to the desktop, go back over to the right side, move the mouse down so I get the charms bar and click settings and see I still have change PC settings, if I click that I'll go to the settings you just saw a moment ago, but up here there's an entry for control panel, if you click it you get the old control panel that you knew from the desktop in Windows 7 and older.

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