How Do I Group Tiles on the Start Screen in Windows 8?

You can group tiles on the "Start" screen in Windows 8 in a wide variety of different ways depending on your preferences. Group tiles on the "Start" screen in Windows 8 with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Johnson, editor of eHow's Tech channel, and let's see how to create new groups of tiles in Windows 8's start screen. Now as you know the start screen in Window 8 replaces the old start menu that you would get on the old desktop, click start you would get a menu and then you'd click an item to start that program. The start screen in Windows 8 is a bunch of tiles, like this and they can be broken up in to groups, so I have a group here, a group here, here are some games and then a bunch of other stuff over here. What if I wanted to create a new group? Well, it's actually really easy to do, I just take my mouse, click on the one that I want to break out into it's own group, drag it down and then move it to the right, when I move it to the right I get this bar that indicated I'm creating a new group and I'd let go and now there's a gap and I could take this music one drag it down and put it over here. Oops, I put it in it's own group. And now these guys are grouped together, so and so on. And if I wanted to have yet another group I could take this guy move him all the way over here again notice that I have that bar, let go and now I have three groups where I just had one a moment ago. So that's pretty, pretty simple to do, I can also do it with touch, so I'll just drag it down and move it over and now it's in it's own group. Now what happens if I want to take this, this group all the way over on the left and maybe take this bunch of tiles and put it in own group? You really can't do that creating an new group in between two, so here's a little trick for you, it's my magic trick, free tip of the day, click in the lower right corner, that zooms way out so I can see all of my groups. Temporally I'm going to pull this guy down and move him all the way to the right and now I can drag him out into a new group, I can do all that work till, till I'm done and then move this guy all the back to the left and now I've created the new group on the right very easily and I moved the stuff that's left back to the left again. So that's how you can basically customize the start screen into groupings however you like in Windows 8.

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