How Do I Shut Down Windows 8?

Shutting down your computer in Windows 8 is something you can do in just a couple of seconds. Find out how to shut down Windows 8 with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Dave Johnson editor of eHow's tech channel and let's see how to shut down you computer in Windows 8 when you're done with it. Now there was an old joke in Windows 7 and Windows XP, older versions of Windows that to shut down your computer you had to click start and I guess that's funny, if you like that sort of thing, but it's actually a little bit harder now in Windows 8 because there is no start button at all, so you can't go where you use to go to know how to shut your PC down. Even so it's really easy to do my first piece of advice is you don't really have to go into Windows at all, if you have a desktop or a laptop you can just press the power button and your computer will automatically go into the shutdown mode that it's configured for, it'll ether, it'll turn off entirely or it will go into sleep or standby mode, something like that. So you don't really have to mess with knowing where the shutdown is in Windows at all, but if you do want to do it the software way as opposed to pressing the power button. Here's how, all you have to do is take your mouse pointer move it over to the upper right side and move it down to get the charms bar and click the bottom one marked settings, down here these is something marked power, click on it and then you can choose sleep, shutdown or restart, what ever you like. There's also another way to do it and this is the one that I prefer, if you walk away from your computer for a little while especially if it's configured for security it'll automatically lock and you'll get to the lock screen that looks like this, well if you need to shut your computer down, just come back to your lock screen, you can click on it and then over here you have a shutdown button, click on it and you get the same options, sleep, shutdown and restart. I think that's an easier way to get to the shutdown options on your computer.

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