Mango Pulp & Fruit Salad

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Making mango pulp and fruit salad requires you to remember to let the mango ripen properly. Make mango pulp and fruit salad with help from a published cookbook author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Dudash, author of Clean Eating for Busy Families, and today I'm gonna show you how to make mango pulp and fruit salad. Now the most important thing to remember when you're selecting a mango is the proper ripeness so you just want to give it a gentle squeeze, if it yields to pressure you know that it's ripe, if it's still firm just let it sit on the counter for a few more days until it's ready. Now know that the color is not an indicator of the ripeness so if it has red blush that's just an indicator of the variety not the ripeness. Alright so the ingredients for our salad are evaporated condensed milk, vanilla Greek yogurt, mango pulp, bananas, kiwi, grapes, mandarin oranges, and then for our garnish we have a little coconut and golden raisins for on top. So what we do for the sauce is poor it in some of our condensed milk and I'm using a low fat version of course that cuts down on the saturated fat which is always a nice touch to keep those dishes healthier and then that was the yogurt and then this our mango pulp. Now I made this by just dicing up the mango and putting it in a food processor until it was smoother so that's the easiest way. Of course you can also buy mango pulp as well. Then we just stir this together and then add the rest of the ingredients. When selecting the fruit for your salad it's really just depends on what your palate likes best and also what's in season and then we just stir all of these ingredients together and this is delicious, I mean you could eat this for breakfast, you could have it for dessert, it's, it's just beautiful, sweet, I love it. Okay, so now that it's all stirred together you can serve this in individual bowls and then you can sprinkle it with a little garnish and I'm using some shredded coconut and golden raisins. They just add a really nice texture to the dish and then of course a little splash of color for on top. Well here is our mango pulp and fruit salad. I'm Michelle Dudash your clean eating expert.


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