Vietnamese Mango Salad

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Vietnamese mango salad is really simple to make once you have a good recipe that you can follow. Find out how to prepare Vietnamese mango salad with help from a published cookbook author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Dudash, author of Clean Eating for Busy Families, and today I'm going to show you how to make Vietnamese mango salad. Now, when you're cutting a mango, for this salad in particular, it's important to know how to cut a mango. And it's actually very simple. So, you want to pt your stem down on a cutting board and then, we're basically cutting it into two cheeks. Now, you want to remember that there's a flat seed in the center of the mango. So, you want to cut about a quarter inch from the center. Then, what we do is, we're going, since we're julienne the salad, we're going to make these thin scores into the mango. And it's all about the thin cuts for this type of a salad. So, that's why that's important. And then, we just scoop this out with a spoon, so you can see how easy that is. Alright, so you see these beautiful slices. And then, for this salad, since it's julienne, we're going to take a slice and then, just cut it into little julienne strips, just like we see here. Alright, so the rest of the ingredients in our salad include, lemon juice, some raw sugar, some sesame oil,we also have some sliced onions, cilantro and mint, sesame seeds, jalapeno, some mints, ginger, and some scallions. So then, from there, all we have to do, is mix these together in a bowl. Alright, so we have our mangoes here and then, we add in our juice there, we have some sugar. Now, the amount of sugar that you add, really just depends on your taste and what you like and how sweet you like it. And then, our oil. And we'll toss this together, just to get that sugar dissolving a little more. You could also use honey, you could use agave nectar. But the point is, we want a little sweet in there to offset the citrus in this recipe. O.k., then we just throw everything else in the bowl. This really smells amazing, there are so many different flavors going on in this recipe, but in a good way. Then, we have some sesame seeds, those are already toasted and they add a really nice crunch. We have some salt in there, and the salt is just to taste, depending on how much seasoning you like, and depending on how salty you like things. And then, our jalapenos too, that can vary, depending on how spicy you like it. So, I have only about one jalapeno in here, but if you really want to kick up the heat, you could use a Serrano chili or you could use extra jalapenos. So, we have our beautiful Vietnamese mango salad. I'm Michelle Dudash, your Clean Eating Expert.


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