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Cooking always requires you to keep a few very important things in mind regardless of the food that you're preparing. Learn about the top things that you need to remember when cooking with help from an experienced and professional chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's up, everybody? I'm Chef Plum from, and today has asked me to give a couple of cooking tips that I think are the most important things to know when it comes to working in the kitchen. And trust me, I've got a number of them but I want to give you my three most important today. Pay close attention, get a pen and paper because there will be a test at the end. It all starts in the kitchen with three of my best friends in the whole world. Kitchen friends that is, and this, this is my knife. This knife is very sharp. A sharp knife is very important. This is a spoon. And we all know what we do with spoons right? We eat food with it. We taste with it. Very important. And these little guys here are my good friends salt and his wife pepper. And they're very, very important. So what I'm going to show you here is why it's important. Again, like I said before, this is my friend, knife. Very, very sharp, very important to be sharp and I'm going to show you why. If you cut with the knife and it's dull, it doesn't really work so well. So what happens, you push even harder to cut through it and the next thing you know your knife slips. When the knife slips look, it's all broken up, cut, it could even be missing a finger. You never know. Look at the difference in using a sharp knife. It goes right through perfectly. So number one, always have a sharp knife. Number two, our friends salt and pepper. Very important. You have to season your food, folks. I can't emphasize that enough. Salt and pepper season your food. You have to do it. A cucumber plain like this is tasty. Throw a pinch of salt on it, a little grind of pepper, take a bite, so much better. Changes everything. Which brings us to our next point. Our friend spoon. Spoon is really important. Let me explain to you why spoon is important. With spoon you can taste things. Always taste your food as you cook. If you don't taste your food as you cook, how do you know it's good. And that's it, guys. To me those are the three most important cooking tips I give anybody. After 18 years as a business, I promise you those are the three most important things there are. A sharp knife, tasting your food, and seasoning your food. If you can get those three down, the rest of it's easy. I'm Chef Plum from, and I'll see you next time. I'm going to go sharpen my knife. Bye guys.


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