Heart-Healthy Turkey Recipe

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Not all turkey recipes are inherently unhealthy. Learn about a heart-healthy turkey recipe that you can prepare at home with help from an experienced and professional chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's up, Internet? Chef Plum here from plumluvfoods.com, and today I'm going to make a heart healthy dinner recipe using a little bit of turkey and some asparagus. Check it out. So, what we've got here guys is a little bit of ground turkey, some semolina flour, little Romano cheese that's grated up, I've got some roasted bell peppers diced, a little bit of dried herbs mixed here, it's thyme, parsley and oregano. Don't forget a little dash of Worcestershire and of course, the hot sauce. Here's our asparagus and our salt. We're ready to mix everything up. So, I'm going to take a larger bowl here guys and just put ground turkey right in there. We're going to add a pinch of salt to it, we're going to add our Romano cheese, that's probably about a quarter of a cup. Romano cheese is a great thing to use, it's naturally, it has natural salts in it, it's fantastic and it adds a little texture, that little bit of creaminess. It's great. We're going to add a little bit of our roasted red peppers here, not a little bit, we're going to add all of them. Here we are. And again, when you make a dish like this, it's, it's got to be fantastic 'cause it's a meatloaf. And when you make a meatloaf, you can jut empty out the fridge using whatever you got. Give it a pinch of our dry herbs in there, little shot of hot sauce, little shot of hot sauce. Can you tell I like hot sauce? I'm from down South and we eat hot sauce in everything where I'm from. And a little shot of Worcestershire. It's funny because since I moved up North here, where I live, the amount of hot sauce that its use is almost disturbing to me. We need to have more. Bring back the hot sauce. I'm going to start a whole campaign. We're going to take a little pinch of our semolina flour, I would say that's probably about half a tablespoon or so. That's going to help hold everything together that in the cheese. So, we've got it all mixed up, I'm going to mix it up with my hands. And you know what else you could do is even have your kids make this with you and have them put their hands in this and mix it all up. Alright. So, we've got our ball of meatloaf mixture here. I've a small pie plate here; I'm using a pie plate just to show you how it does work and if you don't have a loaf pan. So, we're going to put it together. So, I'm going to kind of smush it up 'till like a loaf size, like this. We could actually put a piece of foil in here, right across here to help hold it in place. I think it'll probably stay on its own though. There you go. And like I said, I'm doing it in this pan on purpose to show you in case you don't have a loaf pan or a bread pan and it does work in pretty much anything you can cook it in. Alright. I'm going to wash my hands off and put this in the oven. There you have it, a heart healthy dinner. We used a ground turkey to make a little meatloaf out of it and like I said, instead of you putting in that loaf pan, we molded it into its shape and put into a little pie plate. And it worked out great. I put it on the plate here with little asparagus and of course, some ketchup 'cause ketchup go great with meatloaf. I'm Chef Plum from plumluvfoods.com and we'll see you next time, heart healthy I hope. Take care.


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