How to Use Creative Nail Design's Mosaic Powder

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Creative Nail Design's Mosaic powder isn't nearly as difficult to use as you might think. Use Creative Nail Design's Mosaic powder with help from a makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Alyssa Push and I'm a Makeup Artist. I'm here to tell you what creative nail designs are and what type of powder to use with those designs. So, you'll need a powder, powder brush and your nail designs and I'll show you how. So, your nail designs are going to come on a sheet of film like this and what you'll do is choose what finger you want to do first. So, what we'll do is our nail for the thumb. And you'll place it on your thumb and make sure it sticks all the way to the edges. And you'll have some hang over, so what you'll do is take scissors or nail clippers and cut off right above your nail line. This doesn't have to be perfect just yet. Next, you'll take your filer and file down those edges to fit to your actual nail, giving it a nice finished edge. Next, you'll take your brush and dip it into the powder, give it a good tap and dust over the nail. And to finish that off, you want to take a clear coat of nail polish, concealing that right on top of your nail design. And there you have it. I'm Alyssa Push, thank you for watching. I hope you learn how to put on your nail designs with powder. Thank you for watching. See you next time.


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