How to Do Eye Makeup With Blonde Eyelashes

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Doing eye makeup with blonde eyelashes allows you to arrive at some truly unique and beautiful looks. Do eye makeup with blonde eyelashes with help from a makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Alyssa Push, and I'm a makeup artist. I'm going to tell you how to achieve doing your makeup with blond eyelashes. As you can see, I'm not with blond eyelashes. But I'm going to show you how to achieve that look to create blond eyelashes with your makeup. Here is how we do it. So, here's what we're going to do, we're going to transform normal brown eyelashes into blond. And the makeup that will go along with those. So, the colors I'm going to choose, since most blonds are fair skinned, I'm going to go with light tones, yellows, pinks and very neutral beige tones. And then, I'm going to do a little trick to show you how to go instantly from brown eyelashes to blond eyelashes. So, first we're going to start with a base, a primer of just an all over light tone eye shadow. So, you want to fill this all in, so all the colors that you put on top of it, are going to show up nice and pretty and bright. And then, we want to go from a neutral tone to actually bringing in a little bit more whiter tones. So, I have a little bit more of a white, but not completely white, still got your neutral tones in there. And this is just going to highlight everything a little bit more. From here, we now have our primary base and we're going to bring in a little bit of a pink, not hot pink, a little bit more of a blush pink. And then, we're going to start from the outside of the eye and work our way into the crease. Blending it out smoothly, all the way to, all the way in. So, you're basically giving definition to this lower eye bone. For fun, we're going to add in some yellows. So, for a highlight, we're going to put this over the middle of your eyelid and blend into the pink, as the pigment fades out. Go back in and fade it more towards the inside. You want most of your pigment to be on that middle of the, your eyelid. So, we have an iridescent shadow that we're going to put as a highlight on your eyebrow bone. And that's going to blend in nicely with this pink. Then, we're going to do a little bit of an eyeliner to give a little bit more accent to your eyelashes. And how do we achieve blond eyelashes, we use mascara. So, you want to put a layer of mascara to get them wet. Go to your eye shadow, however light you want it to go, you can go yellows, you can go golds, you can go silvers. I'm going to kind of take a little bit of in between. And there you are, blond eyelashes. So, here we have it, you can make your own blond eyelashes as a part of a look that almost looks like fake eyelashes. And this will be great for performances, it'd good for, if you're going out and actually going into a costume kind of theme. You can create this look with any kind of color pigment, just by putting on mascara and throwing on an eye shadow on top of it. This is Alyssa Push, thanks for watching, enjoy your white eyelashes, see you next time.


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