How to Do Makeup for a Green Dress

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When doing makeup for a green dress, you're always going to want to pay close attention to a few key things. Do makeup for a green dress with help from a makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Alyssa Push, I'm a makeup artist, and I'm here to tell you what color of eye shadow to go best with a green dress. So, I'm going to start with color theory. We have the color wheel, green, what's across the color of green, you've got a family of purples, pinks and reds. So, I'm going to choose a very natural purple tone to go along with my green dress. And I'll tell you how. So, we're going to start with a lighter purple and create that as your base tone. And you want to keep it pretty much, the entire eye, just right before the eyebrow. Make sure that gets on there good. Then, you want to take a shimmering, lighter purple and this is going to be your highlight. So, this is going to go directly on top of the middle of your eyelid, and this will give it pop. From there, we're going to choose a darker purple, and this will be what gives your eyelid, depth. So, you're going to start from the corner and work your way through that crease. Blending as you go out, as the pigment fades out of your brush. From there, we're going to do a highlight on top to accentuate your eyebrow bone. So, you're going to choose a shimmering, let's say, a sandy, a light sandy color, and just highlight on top of the of that brow. And it's going to blend in with that purple. So, you don't have any harsh lines, everything is smooth, very, very natural toned. So, since I started with an eyeliner, basic eyeliner, I'm going to go back and define the eyeliner. I'm going to take my eyeliner pencil, and go back and clean up and make more defined line, just like so. To top it off, I'm going to take alight, shimmering sandy color, and stick it on the inside of my tear drop areas to brighten that up. And there you have it, a light purple with a green top. So, hope this helps complete your look for a green dress, thanks for watching, I'm Alyssa Push, see you next time.


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