How to Stretch Your IT Band & Glutes

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Stretching your IT band and glutes requires a few different stretches used in just the right ways. Stretch your IT band and glutes with help from a certified personal trainer and wellness coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Danny J. I'm in South Lake, Texas at Camp Hero Fitness, and I'm going to show you how to stretch your IT band and your glutes. I'm going to show you how to do two stretches for your IT bands and your glutes with a foam roller. These can be really intense so don't be afraid of it and just get ready. So find a foam roller. Your IT band actually stretches from your hip down to your knee on the outside of your thigh. So you're going to place the foam roller down on the ground, put the top of your hip on the foam roller, take your other leg and place it on top for balance and what you're going to do is roll slowly down the side of the leg until you feel a tender spot and I feel one pretty high. What you want to do is when you feel that spot just hold it, give it about 20 to 30 seconds until it loosens up and then you're going to go down a little bit farther and you want to keep doing that basically until you can get all the way down to your knee and back up without too much discomfort. I'm actually taking pressure off because this is a really tight spot for me. The next one you could do is for your glutes. This is a great one that I really love. You're going to sit on the foam roller and you can just roll your butt like this if you want but a way to really get into that muscle and get a really deep massage if you will, is cross one leg over the top and you're going to lean into that hip and just roll onto that glute, right on the side where the leg is bent and you're going to really really feel that deep in the muscle. You can hold it again 30 seconds, wait until that releases and then roll it out. And make sure you do both sides so that you are not uneven. Again, this is Danny J. at Camp Hero Fitness, and we just went over stretches for your IT band and your glutes.


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