Front Lunges & Back Lunges

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Front lunges and back lunges both have their fair share of advantages. Learn about the benefits of front lunges and back lunges with help from a certified personal trainer and wellness coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Danny J. I'm in South Lake, Texas at Camp Hero Fitness, and I'm going to show you some front lunges and back lunges. Front and back lunges are really the same exercise but they're actually going to target your glutes and your quads just a little bit different. So first for the front lunge you're going to take a big step forward and press back and you want to think about pushing your heel through the ground and launching yourself backwards and these are really great to alternate with or to even do walking lunges forward. Next is a back lunge, the back lunge you start in one spot and you're actually going to step backwards and come back together, step back and come back together. This one targets your glutes a little more. You want to actually think about pulling yourself forward and pushing into the ground using your butt a lot. So you are stepping back, pushing into the ground with this leg and pulling your hips forward. Back lunges are going to target glutes really well. Front lunges are going to target your quads really well. Both of them are great exercises. Use them and mix them up all the time. Again, this is Danny J. I am at Camp Hero Fitness and we just went over how to do front and back lunges.


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