Hardcore Butt Exercises

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Hardcore butt exercises are a great, efficient way to get the results you really want. Learn about hardcore butt exercises with help from a certified personal trainer and wellness coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Danny J. I'm at Southlake, Texas at Camp Hero Fitness, and we are going to do some hard core butt exercises. Squat jumps, these are not for everyone. If you have bad knees don't attempt any squat jumps. You want to make sure you get the good form basics on squats first before you add any plyometric moves or any jumping moves. So you want to make sure on your squat jump you start with feet a little wider then shoulder width. You go down into a good squat position. But from here you are going to explode up into the air and then land back in a squat. For your squat jump you want your feet shoulder width apart. You are going to get down into a low squat. Make sure your form is great on these. Hips go back, arms out in front and you want to just explode off your legs and land back in a squat position. It's really important that you don't land on straight legs and you absorb the shock on the way down. So start in the squat, explode, land back in the squat. Explode, land back in the squat. These are some really hard core moves. Make sure you got the great form before you try these. Again, this is Danny J. at Camp Hero Fitness, and I just showed you how to do some hardcore butt exercises.


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