How to Stretch the Bicep Femoris

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You can stretch the bicep femoris in a few different ways depending on your ultimate preferences. Find out how to properly stretch the bicep femoris with help from a certified personal trainer and wellness coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Danny J. I am at Camp Hero Fitness and we're going to go over some stretches to stretch out your bicep femoris. So stretching the biceps are very important but it's actually a very difficult muscle to stretch. Often when you are stretching a muscle you are pulling against it but with the bicep, it's really hard. You can't bend your elbow backwards so one of the things you can do is just try to stretch doing whatever you can, standing up straight. So one of them I like to do is just putting the arms out and then just pulling back and you'll actually feel it stretch from your shoulder but your shoulder is attached to the bicep muscles so you're going to get a stretch that way. So reach out and just hold it, 10 to 20 seconds for the best stretch. Another great stretch you can do for your biceps is against a wall. You're just going to place your palm against the wall, straight elbow and just kind of rotate your body away. Same thing, you might feel a stretch in your shoulder but you're also going to have that shoulder pull the bicep and stretch it out really good and it's really important to get a good stretch there because that muscle can get very very tight because it's very constricted. Another great bicep stretch you can do is without any equipment, just grab your hands behind your back. You're going to press your palms down towards the ground and just lift up until you feel a little bit of a stretch. You're going to get your shoulders too but really keep those elbows straight so you get maximum stretch in your biceps. Again, this is Danny J. at Camp Hero Fitness. We just went over how to do stretches for your bicep femoris.


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