An Adductor Stretch

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An adductor stretch needs to be performed in a very particular way if it's going to yield any type of positive results. Find out how to properly do an adductor stretch with help from a certified personal trainer and wellness coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Danny J. I'm in South Lake, Texas at Camp Hero Fitness. Today, I'm going to show you how to do an adductor stretch. I'm going to show you some adductor stretches. One way I remember adductors versus abductors is your adductors add, you bring your legs together when you add something, you add it together. So adductors are your inner thighs just to help you remember. My favorite adductor stretch is you're going to step your feet wide, I call this a sumo stretch so you're going to bend your knees like a sumo wrestler, hands on top of your knees and you just lean forward and press those knees back. Hold it for a few seconds and then you're going to twist one shoulder in and really feel it on one side and then twist the other shoulder in and feel it on the other side. After you hold that about 30 seconds on each side, you can stand up with your legs still wide and then you're just going to bend over to one side and reach down in the middle and hold it. Keep the straight leg on the outside straight and then switch sides and keep the other side straight and you'll feel it right there on the inside. Again this is Danny J at Camp Hero Fitness. We just went over how to do an adductor stretch. Make sure you remember to stretch after your workouts to prevent injury.


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