What Type of Push-Up Will Hit the Lower Pecs?

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Not all types of push-ups will hit the lower pecs with equal efficiency. Find out what type of push-up you can do to hit the lower pecs with help from a fitness minister and certified peak performance coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello there. My name is Jay Jones, celebrity peak performance coach and fitness minister. And today we are going to demonstrate two great exercises to help develop your lower pectoral muscles. Alright now we got to build the pecs, the chest. It's a phenomenal way to create an overall visual of health and wellness. So this is what we are going to do. The pushup is a quintessential chest builder but the push-up comes in about 17,000 variations. And each one of those variations target different parts of the chest. So we are going to do a decline push-up which means our hands are going to be on the floor and our feet are going to be up higher. So this is what it looks like. We are going to put a box, a regular box. And we put our hands down and then we just go into our normal pushup position. Down and up. Down and up. Again trying to keep those elbows into the body. We don't want them flared out. We want them in and up. Down and up. Beautiful. Alright now the next move we are going to do, we are back down on the ground. We want to elevate with a decline chest press. So again my back is on the ground. And I'm at an angle. So what I want to do is use the same box but I want to elevate my hips. And now I have an angle, boom, to push straight up from. You can vary your weight, 10 pounds should start you off. This is one you can use a little heavier load. Just bring your arms flush to the floor and then push up. Alright my name is Jay Jones, celebrity peak performance coach and fitness minister. And those are two great exercises you can do to help develop your lower pectorals.


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