Easy Recipes for Big Family Meals

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Just because you're making a big family meal doesn't mean that the meal in question has to be difficult. Learn about easy recipes for big family meals with help from a self-taught cook with decades of experience in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm John McLemore, President and CEO of Masterbuilt and Author of "DADGUM That's Good!" and "DADGUM That's Good, Too!" Cookbooks. Today, it's all about a big family meal. We love a low country seafood boil. The same product that we deep fry our turkeys and all of our fried recipes in the Indoor Butterball Turkey Fryer, we're going to do this traditionally done outdoor recipe, we're going to bring it inside. All we need is potatoes, corn, sausage and shrimp. We've got our seasonings, one of two seasonings is going to be the Cajun seasonings that we spice up our turkeys with or you can get a shrimp crab boiled bag that goes into the water. The secret is while you're getting all of your ingredients ready, you want to take your bag and put it into your water and or four ounces of your seasonings, your choice. Alright. One of the things that we recommend on our recipes is you want to wear protective gloves when you're dealing with hot water or steam obviously. The first ingredient that's going to go in is red potatoes. We call this whole new potatoes, the perfect size so that you can serve them up with this recipe. We're going to put them into our basket. Now, again, this is water that's already come to a boil; we're going to lower this in. This recipe is in stages. We're going to have a 33 to 35-minute total recipe and the potatoes go in first for twelve minutes. We're going to close our lid and when we come back, we're going to add our corn. Okay. Our potatoes have been in now for twelve minutes and again, this recipe comes in stages or you cook it in stages. We're going to hook the basket, this is a real important tip; remember that little crab boiled bag that I put into the water while boiling, you want to make sure that it's off to the side because when you add your other ingredients, you will bust that bag. Now, you want to add in your corn, this is frozen short ears of corn, you buy at your local grocer; we're going to add them in with the potatoes and lower the basket back down into the water. And we're going to add nine minutes to our clock or to our timer. Okay, third ingredient ready to go into the low country seafood boil and that is our sausage. This is Kielbasa pre-smoked sausage, that if you notice we've cut it into three quarter to one eighth small slices. The sausage goes right into the basket. Now, we're going to lower that in for an additional nine minutes. So, if you paid attention in school and you're going to add, it's twelve plus nine plus nine, we will thirty minutes into this recipe when we're ready to add the last ingredient and the most important which will be the shrimp. Alright, now, we've got potatoes, con, sausage, now that's already been boiling for a total of thirty minutes. Let's talk about the shrimp. A lot of different shrimp that you can buy, they're in the market place. You can buy with the shell own, with the shell peeled and devein, or with just the tail on. Now, these are a lot easier to serve and eat. But, the secret when you boil them completely out of the shell is you need to only boil them for two to three minutes. Typically, when you have a large shrimp that has the shell on, you're going to add about another minute to it. So, we're going to add this to the boil. Again, potatoes, corn, if you can take a look at that, potatoes, corn and sausage are all in. We're adding the shrimp. You want to spread those out where they completely submerged in the water, lower them in and what I recommend you do with shrimp like this, that medium size, is add two minutes to your timer and give them a quick look because the last thing you want to do is over-cook those shrimp; they'll come out a little tough. You want them to be nice and pink and completely done throughout. So, I'll see you two more minutes. Alright, our low country seafood boil is now ready. We've had thirty three total minutes, actually thirty two minutes for those shrimp that went in, that only took about two minutes. So, the complete recipe, potatoes, corn, sausage and shrimp all boil, boil together. We're going to let it drain in there for about a half a minute and if you'll notice, all of these recipe is done at the same time. So, I will say at the McLemore house this is one of those recipes that we typically do year round. It got great, if you on tailgate at home, this is a great recipe. You want to get you some newspaper, don't be bashful. That my friend is what we call a grab and growl. I'm John McLemore with Masterbuilt and DADGUM That's Good because believe me, that is DADGUM Good.


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