Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Serve With Baked Ham

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If you're serving baked ham for Thanksgiving, there are a number of different side dishes that you're going to want to explore. Learn about Thanksgiving side dishes to serve with baked ham with help from a self-taught cook with decades of experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm John McLemore, the president and CEO of Masterbuilt and the author of "DADGUM That's Good!" and "DADGUM That's Good, Too!" cookbooks. Today, it's all about side dishes that you can serve with smoked ham, two of my favorites. Smoked asparagus wrapped in bacon and sweet potatoes topped off with a little butter, brown sugar and some roasted pecans. Let's get it started with the asparagus first. This is a great complement again, to that smoked ham and it's a very simple recipe. All right. We've got our asparagus in our aluminum tray and notice that we snapped the white ends off and we've wrapped about six asparagus stems in bacon. Now I'm going to drizzle about a cup of French salad dressing all over the top of this asparagus and we're going to cover it and put it into the refrigerator and let that marinate for one hour. And before we smoke that we're going to poke holes in the top so that it's just a small hint of smoke flavor. Now let's talk about sweet potatoes, love sweet potatoes. In our Dadgum That's Good Too cookbook we've got several ways to prepare them and this is one of my favorites. Now let's just go to the smoker here so I can walk you through exactly how easy this recipe is. Now we've got our sweet potatoes on here in stages. We've actually put the sweet potatoes on, we've coated them with an olive oil and some sea salt, we put them on the smoker for one hour. That gives it a nice hint of smokey flavor. We then wrap them in aluminum foil, put them back on the smoker for one additional hour. You then take them off and you cut them in half and your score your sweet potatoes like we've done this with a fork, OK. What that allows if for the butter, I'm going to put pats of butter on the top of these sweet potatoes, two pats of butter. We're going to add one tablespoon of brown sugar to each potato half. Let that melt together and we're going to top it off with a tablespoon of roasted pecans. Now that is a desert side dish. It's actually a great complement to that smoked ham. Sweet potatoes. Now let's go back to the asparagus. We've taken the asparagus, it's been marinating in the refrigerator for one hour. You want to get several small holes in the top of your aluminum foil. All right. Now our asparagus is ready to go on to the smoker, so we're going to take one off by transporting that over and show you this recipe of how good smoked bacon wrapped asparagus can be. You want to then discard the actual marinade, transfer that over to a plate and that my friend is what we call dadgum good side dishes. Sweet potatoes and bacon wrapped asparagus. I'm John McLemore with Masterbuilt and dadgum, that's good.


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