How to Make Pimento Cheese Dip

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Pimento cheese dip makes the perfect addition to a wide variety of different treats. Find out how to make Pimento cheese dip with help from a self-taught cook with decades of experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm John McLemore, president and CEO of Masterbuilt and author of Dadgum That's Good and Dadgum That's Good, Too cookbooks. Today, we're going to show you a great home made pimento cheese recipe that is smoked. Here's a couple of tips. When you're loading your smoker we recommend that you wrap your water bowl and your drip tray with a aluminum foil, makes for easy clean up. OK. We also recommend that you put in one small handful of your favorite wood chips. Today we're using hickory. You can use Mesquite, Apple Pecan, whatever your favorite wood chip is. All right. So here's the recipe. Home made pimento cheese is sharp cheddar cheese, Colby jack cheese. We've got four ounces of cream cheese, we've got your alouette sun-dried and basil tomato cream cheese, we've got some onions cut up and we've got your pimento and we're going to top it off with a little bit of, making a mess there, a little bit of pepper. We're going to blend all of these together and here is a great tip. You want to put in all of your mayonnaise and your pimento and your cream cheese and blend those together before we add all the cheeses. Go ahead and put in the sun dried basil, cheese spread and blend all of this together. So that makes it easier to blend in your other cheeses. Now we're going to add in our onions, and all of our cheeses. We're going to blend it together before you add in all of the other sharp cheddar cheese. And the secret is just to continue blending this and completely mixing all of these ingredients together. All of your sharp cheddar cheese, completely mix this recipe. Now we're going to get this from the mixing bowl and transfer it to an aluminum disposable tray. There's two reasons for that. Number one, we're going to add this to the smoker and smoke this recipe for about twenty minutes. And when you smoke recipes, if you're like me at my house, my wife doesn't like me to put her nice dishes into the smoker because it will add a smoke residue to the outside of your favorite dish in the cupboard. Today we're using the Masterbuilt smoker with a remote control. We've got our temperature set at 225 degrees, we've got our wood chips, we got a lot of smoke coming here. We're going to smoke this recipe for twenty minutes. Now, we've got already in. We're going to take that out and show you just how good looking this recipe is. We're going to add this in to our top rack. Now here's another great tip and a great additional recipe. You can take this home made pimento cheese and add it to a saltine cracker, salt down, put one spoonful of this on the cracker, add a half a slice of smoked sausage, top it with a jalapeno pepper and that is a dadgum good recipe. This can be served alone on your favorite cracker and look at how cheesy that is. That is dadgum cheesy and dadgum good. I'm John McLemore with Masterbuilt. Dadgum, that is good.


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