Highlight & Apply Makeup for Lips & Wrinkles

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Highlighting and applying your makeup for your lips and for wrinkles always requires you to remember a few important tips. Highlight and apply your makeup for your lips and wrinkles with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jacqui Phillips and I'm a Beauty Expert of eHow. There are many ways to highlight your makeup for your lips and to get rid of wrinkles around your lips,so your lipstick and your lip liner doesn't bleed or feather. The first product that I like to use if you're really worried about your lip liner ending up down your face and feathering all over the place is a lip liner perfector. And what that does is it's going to fill all your fine lines and it's going to protect anything you put on your lips so it doesn't bleed. How you use this product is you're going to go around the whole lip line and you're just going to go around it nice and soft and this is colorless so you don't have to worry if you don't do it perfect. And you just go around the lip line and what it does is it's going to fill those lines and it's going to make it so you can do a nice even coverage of lip liner and lipstick and it's going to give you that staying power you're looking for. If you're looking to do little more highlighting and creating some illusions, a really great trick that I do is I use a concealer foundation stick and I put it right in the bow here of the top of my lip and then I do a little bit underneath my lip. And then what that does is it creates a, illusion of little bit more of a highlight. So, just blend it a little bit, 'cause you're going to want to see the highlight after you do the other steps. After you do this, see this is blended pretty nice, you're going to put your lip liner on and you're going to do the lip liner all around the lip. Now, I usually like to make my lips look a little bit bigger. So, put the lip liner on, nice and even and then you can either put lipstick on or your lip gloss or your lip balm, whatever you like. And so now, I'm just going to put on a little bit of lip gloss and always make sure you blend it really good 'cause you don't want to see that eyelash, that lip liner. You want it to look nice and blended and seamless so you don't know where you started or finished. It's just going to look like, look like you have this really great lips. And if you really, so, see that looks really nice, I'm not going to have to worry about the feathering, the bleeding, if you really want to take it to the next level though and highlight it and the great way is you can even add just a little more of a lighter shimmer and what you do is you just put it on the middle bottom of your lip and then put a little bit right around the bow of your lip, and then in the middle of the top lip. Rub your lips together and you can see they look more plump and the illusion is I have this nice plumped lips. But, all I did was all these little tricks. So, if you want to highlight your lips or create a filler for your lips, these are the tricks I recommend.


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