Straightening Your Hair for Beginners

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Straightening your hair isn't difficult, but it does require you to learn about a few important techniques. Learn about straightening your hair for beginners with help from a freelance hair and makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Simone, and I'm a hairstylist, and today I'm going to show you how to straighten your hair if you're a beginner. So straightening your hair really doesn't have to be that difficult especially if you have fine or mostly straight hair to begin with it should be easy to just go right in with a, with a flat iron, but if you have thicker or a courser or like curly hair you're really going to want to start by blow drying your hair while it is damp because you want to make sure that you don't use the flat iron on your hair too much or give your hair too much heat. It's really going to make it damaged and brittle. So once you've blow dried your hair or if you have fine hair and you're starting with your natural hair you want to make sure you take your heat protestant spray and spray it all over the hair and this is going to prevent your hair from getting damaged by the heat of the, the flat iron. So just spray it through, get it underneath, make sure the ends are nice and just comb it all through, this is to make sure the product get through all of your hair. And then the next step is going to be to section it off this is going to make it a lot easier to work with. I like to do four different sections, the top left, the top right, the bottom left and the bottom right and this makes it much easier of you're doing your own hair. So just section it off add a little clip to keep it out of the way, this way you can concentrate on one part at a time. Okay and then with the bottom you want to section it off right in the middle and bring it towards the front. This way when you're doing it in the mirror you'll be able to see all of the hair. So the important part of flat ironing your hair is to get tension it it that's what's going to make it really straight, we do that by getting a nice fine toothed comb. So taking one to two inch sections at a time I'm going to start with the comb right at the top by the roots and then you're going to clamp your flat iron as tight as you can, get the comb underneath, keeping the tension and go slowly down through the hair. When you get at the bottom towards the ends you really want to go through very quickly because this is the most fragile part of your hair so it needs the least amount of heat and that's going to keep it from breaking. If you have a curling iron with rounded edges you can go ahead and twist it at the bottom this is going to give it a more natural look or you can go straight down if you want it to be nice and straight. So you're just going to keep that all the way through your hair, running the comb through first with your fingers and pulling taut with the flat iron. And once you've straightened through all of your hair, I like to take some kind of serum, you can use a little bit of hair spray, right now I'm using argon oil, putting a couple drops in your hand and then just run it through and this is just going to smooth out and of the friz that's left. And leave you with nice sleek straight hair. So I'm Michelle Simone, and we just showed you how to straighten your hair for beginners.


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