What Can I Do if a Stylist Ruined My Hair?

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The first thing you need to do when a stylist "ruins" your hair is to remain calm. Find out what you can do if a stylist ruined your hair with help from a freelance hair and makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Simone, and I'm a hair stylist, and today I'm going to show you what to do if a stylist has ruined your hair. So first things first, don't panic. It's just hair, it'll grow back. So whatever they've done, it's not a big deal, it can always be fixed. So some of the most common things that people complain about that have gone wrong with their hair style is maybe they've cut bangs and you didn't like them. So one great thing you can do if you don't like your bangs or they cut them too short or they haven't cut them enough is to do a great little front twist. So what we're going to do for this twist is take the bangs. You can split them into either a side part or you can do it all the way across in one. Right now we're just going to do it as a middle part. So take a section of hair at the front like you would start a French braid. Instead you're only going to split it into two pieces. And like this we're just going to wrap each piece around. And as you do that, you're going to pick up another piece from underneath and wrap it over the top. And pick up a piece from behind and you're going to wrap it over the bottom strand. Continue that. And this is a really great way to quickly and easily get your bangs out of your face. And you're just going to secure it with a bobby pin or straight pin. I like to take a straight pin and pin it up in to the twist and this way we hide the pin and all you have is the hair. So another thing that people complain about with stylists ruining their hair is they've cut too short. So there's lots of things that you can do to remedy this. If it's really way too short and you really miss having a lot of your hair, you can always go for the clip in or sew in hair extensions and this is a really quick easy fix for hair that's been cut too short. So there are lots of things you can do with short hair to get it up out of the way if you don't like the way it looks down. You can take both sides of your hair and kind of twist them backwards and once you get to the back you can take whatever is left of your hair and pin it up into the twist and that's going to a really great easy hair style to do with short hair. So whatever you do, don't panic, it's just hair, there's lots of hair styles that you can do with hair that's been cut too short or not in a way that you like. So I'm Michelle Simone, and we've just told you what to do if a stylist has ruined your hair.


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