How to Install & Replace a Hot Tub Pump Seal

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Installing and replacing a hot tub pump seal doesn't require years of training and experience. Install and replace a hot tub pump seal with help from a swimming pool and spa industry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Kristen McDowell with VivoPools and VivoSpas in Southern California, and I'm going to show you how to replace the pump seal in your hot tub. The first thing you want to do is shut the power off to the tub then you're going to want to drain your tub because usually the pump is at the bottom and once you take the pump out it'll all drain out and then locate the access panel for the pump. Determine how it's pumped in, remove the pump completely from underneath the tub and put it on a work table, where you can change the seal. Okay so this pump is a little bit different than the hot tub pump, but it essentially shows you that this is the pump part of it and this is the motor part. So the pump seal is what actually keeps the water from the wet side of the pump from getting into the motor. So you want to take a wrench and what ever bolts that you have on there, let's go ahead and remove those bolts. And then pull the motor off of the pump. So you're going to want to remove the valuate then you would remove the impeller, then you remove the diffuser or back plate and the pump seal should come out like this. Okay the brand of motor has a very specific seal that you would replace it with. Now when you open this you want to make sure that you're not going to touch with your fingers this ceramic edge right here because your fingerprint, the oil and the dirt from your fingers may damage that edge and you may have a leak where you touched it, okay? You put it back in, reinstall it, put your valuate back on, your impeller will have the other part that pump seal, replace it with the metal side towards the impeller, put the new one on, put your impeller back on, put the valuate back in place and then reinstall the motor into the pump, put your bolts in and tighten very securely. I'm Kristen McDowell with VivoPools and VivoSpas in Southern California and that's how you replace a pump seal in your hot tub.


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