How to Make Christmas Ornaments Out of Jar Lids

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One easy tool that you can use to make some great looking Christmas ornaments are regular jar lids. Make Christmas ornaments out of jar lids with help from an elementary art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Dana Church, and I'm going to show you how to make a Christmas ornament out of a jar lid. I think this is a really cool idea because you can go to the store and get a lot of jar lids and you can actually have the jars for later too, but they're really cheap so it's fun. And what you can do that's sort of interesting sometimes is take your old Christmas cards and you can find different parts of them that you like. Like one of these I had was a deer and I've already cut it out. Basically I've found the card that I liked. I used, this is a template or tracer. I traced around it I cut it out and then I may find one for the other side, but I think maybe I want to put a photo on the other side too, si basically I would trace around this one too, and cut it out. So you're going to have one on one side and one of the other side. So basically cut that out in a circular way, whatever. And then I take the photo, or the card, sorry, that I want on the front. Put a little glue down. You can use hot glue too, if you want to but Elmer's Glue is really good. I love Elmer's Glue. Okay so then I'm going to glue this down. I'm going to show you some more examples of some things too that you might add to it to make it really cool. So you're going to glue that down. Then what you would do is turn it over on the other side and you would put the other one in, if you want to. Sometimes I don't like to do double sided like this. I just put it on there with just one side. Okay then you flip it over and you put the other one on it. It just depends on what you want to do. If you're going to add cloth to the back, like I'm about to show you, then you probably don't want to do this bit. You've got this on this side and this on this side. Then what you can do, some people do this, they take a hammer and a nail and they put it here and they go bang, bang, bang, don't do it on a glass table. Alright then that gives them a little hull here. And they could just go ahead then at that point and put some kind of ribbon like this through the top of the hole. But I don't do that, usually, what I do is just go ahead sometimes I take a piece of cloth that I've already cut. And I might want to trim it later too. I put that in front, if you can see that. And then I'll take a piece of whatever, sometimes I want it to be the country look so I'll put that there, I'll put the cloth behind it. I'll put this through here because I like to use the ring part. So as you can see I've got it layered. I've got the cloth, I've got the top, then I've got this and the string through there. And you basically just push it through. It's sort of cool, it's sort of holds everything in place. And tie this and hang it on your tree. You don't have to add cloth but you can. This is just a good way to use jar lids to make cheap interesting fun ornaments for your tree. And you can also use your old Christmas cards with it too or even photographs.


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