Key Exercises to Hit the Ab Muscles

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Certain key exercises are absolutely great at working out your ab muscles. Learn about key exercises that you can use to hit the ab muscles with help from a longtime personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Stephany with Elevate Fitness, and today we're going to talk about key exercises that hit the ab muscles. So whenever you are working out the abs a lot of times when it comes to sit-ups and crunches, people will get more muscles involved than they really should. So a good way to make sure you are really hitting the ab muscles is to start out with an exercise where your back is completely supported. So the first one that we're going to do is a reverse crunch, is you're going to bring your knees in towards your chest, come again as close as you can and then you're going to tap down. Now if it's hard for you to lift your back, off of the floor then you can actually just go ahead and keep it on the floor, just squeeze your knees into your chest and then tap down. Just doing that movement where you squeeze your knees and tap down you're going totally feel that, that's completely an ab workout there. That's the only muscle that's being worked in this particular exercise. So this is called a reverse crunch. As that gets easier for you then your goal is to try to bring your lower back off of the mat, squeezing into the chest and releasing. Now to add to it the other workout that you can do that will also isolate your abs is going to be a crunch. Now this is a little bit more advanced. You want to make sure that whenever you are crunching your shoulders come off of the floor and you're not straining your neck. So you want to keep your neck in a neutral position. Try to keep the elbows behind the ears and you just kind of crunch up and come down. Now as long as you are doing the movement of keeping your neck in a neutral position, shoulders coming off the floor, you are totally going to feel that in the abs. This is Stephany with Elevate Fitness and we just talked about key exercises that hit the ab muscles, get lifted.


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